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Dina (musician)

Caroline "Dina" Lillian Kongerud (commonly referred to by the stage name Dina), (born 1 August 1985) is a Norwegian pop/ trance artist. She released one album and seven singles in the early 2000s, several of which were hits. Her first single topped the Norwegian record chart and was later re-released in Swedish and English.


DINA''' may refer to:

  • Diesel Nacional - A Mexican manufacturer of trucks, buses and military vehicles.
  • Dirección de Inteligencia Nacional - The former Chilean national intelligence agency.
  • Dina, Pakistan - town in the Punjab
    • Dina Tehsil, district surrounding Dina
Dina (video game console)

The Dina, also known in Taiwan as the Chuang Zao Zhe 50, is a video game console originally manufactured by Bit Corporation, later sold in the United States by Telegames as the Telegames Personal Arcade. It is a clone of both the ColecoVision and the Sega SG-1000 consoles, with one cartridge slot for each platform, and came bundled with the game Meteoric Shower, which was built into the system. Telegames never advertised its compatibility with the SG-1000.

Dina (singer)

Dina (born Ondina Maria Farias Veloso, 18 June 1956, Carregal do Sal) is a Portuguese singer, best known for her participation in the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest.

Dina first entered the Portuguese Eurovision selection, Festival da Canção, in 1980, finishing eighth with "Guardando em mim". She participated again in 1982 with two songs, but could only manage sixth and eighth. Dina finally got her chance in 1992, when her song " Amor d'água fresca" ("Fresh Water Love") won the competition and went forward as the Portuguese representative in the 37th Eurovision Song Contest. The contest took place on 9 May in Malmö, Sweden, where "Amor d'água fresca" finished in 17th place of the 23 entries.

Dina has released six albums, and has composed music for many film and television drama productions. She continues to perform, and in September 2009 celebrated 30 years in the music business with a concert at the Teatro São Luiz in Lisbon.