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Dime museum

Dime museums were institutions that were popular at the end of the 19th century in the United States. Designed as centers for entertainment and moral education for the working class ( lowbrow), the museums were distinctly different from upper-middle class' cultural events ( highbrow). In urban centers like New York City, where many immigrants settled, dime museums were popular and cheap entertainment. The social trend reached its peak during the Progressive Era (c. 1890–1920). Although lowbrow entertainment they became birthing grounds for the careers of many notable Vaudeville-era entertainers including Harry Houdini, Lew Fields, Joe Weber & Maggie Cline.

Usage examples of "dime museum".

It was a fine compliment, but I can't help thinking what Rogers might have thought if he'd ever seen Harry at the dime museum.

Figuring out that his childhood trauma in the Dime Museum had caused the nightmare didn't seem to have cured him of it.

There was no answer at the Dime Museum, so Spector called the Twisted Dragon and asked for Danny Mao.