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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ In the field of dietetics, standards of practice have been developed for practitioners in the field.
▪ Pomiane chose for his career the study of biology, specialising in food chemistry and dietetics.
▪ These leadership models can be applied to the field of dietetics and nutrition, particularly in the area of productivity.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dietetics \Di`e*tet"ics\, n. That part of the medical or hygienic art which relates to diet or food; rules for diet.

To suppose that the whole of dietetics lies in determining whether or not bread is more nutritive than potatoes.
--H. Spencer.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1540s, see dietetic + -ics.


alt. The study of diet and nutrition in relation to health and disease. n. The study of diet and nutrition in relation to health and disease.


n. the scientific study of food preparation and intake

Usage examples of "dietetics".

The fourth and fifth books take up hygiene, special dietetics, and general pathology.

The most interesting of his writings, however, is a series of letters on dietetics written for the son of his patron Saladin.

Unless Im a genius, or a lot better than any of the boys, theyll just push me into dietetics courses or social relations or child psychology so Ill be a good mother someday, or else train me to program computers until I get married.

Meanwhile, do you know anything about glass blowing, practical nursing, dietetics, or elementary teaching?