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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dietetic \Di`e*tet"ic\, Dietetical \Di`e*tet"ic*al\, a. [Gr. ?: cf. F. di['e]t['e]tique. See Diet.] Of or performance to diet, or to the rules for regulating the kind and quantity of food to be eaten.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1570s, from Latin diaeteticus, from Greek diaitetikos "of or pertaining to diet," from diaita (see diet (1)). As a noun from 1759.


a. 1 Relating to diet. 2 Relating to preparation for those on a restricted diet.


adj. of or relating to the diet; "dietary restrictions" [syn: dietary, dietetical]

Usage examples of "dietetic".

Later, word came from Mitch that a couple of the kids, Stu among them, had been seen whacking the tar out of spaldeens at Dietetic Crescent.

In the third book other remedial measures, dietetic, manipulative, and even operative, are suggested.

By the Dutch the leaves are cultivated with a dietetic purpose for mixing in their salads.

The special dietetic value of Lemons consists in their potash salts, the citrate, malate, and tartrate, which are respectively antiscorbutic, and of assistance in promoting biliary digestion.

The afternoon and evening had proved even busier than usual, and Uncle Ben had been to see a new case of his, so had Jack Bentall and a variety of other people--path lab technicians, the lady from CSR, fussing about some packs which had gone astray, the dietetic ian who wasted a lot of valuable time fretting over steamed fish.

But the efficacy of this system depends entirely on the proselytism of individuals, and grounds its merits, as a benefit to the community, upon the total change of the dietetic habits in its members.

Now I had to worry about what weird dietetic concoction Dad was making and how I could explain it.

The fourth and fifth books take up hygiene, special dietetics, and general pathology.

The most interesting of his writings, however, is a series of letters on dietetics written for the son of his patron Saladin.

Fearing she might turn at any moment, Arlo obfuscated: he wrenched camouflage from the shelves and flipped it into the cart, heedless of form or content to the act: a box of Tampax, a tin of litchi nuts, a jar of maraschino cherries, a pack of frozen prawns, dietetic grapefruit slices.

This school associates hydropathy with its practice, and usually inculcates rigid dietetic and hygienic regulations.

His companion replied: The test of a doctor's prognostic acumen is to determine the time to give up medicinal and dietetic measures and empty the uterus, and overhesitancy to do this is condemnable, even though honorable.

Unless Im a genius, or a lot better than any of the boys, theyll just push me into dietetics courses or social relations or child psychology so Ill be a good mother someday, or else train me to program computers until I get married.

Meanwhile, do you know anything about glass blowing, practical nursing, dietetics, or elementary teaching?

I bought her a puppy, a small black chow, which she named NutraSweet and fed dietetic chocolate trues to.