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n. A respectful address for any familiar older woman by a speaker. vb. (inflection of dīdō pres pasv inf Latin)


Didi may refer to:

Didi (song)

"Didi" is a song written and performed by Algerian artist Khaled, released in 1992. The song was the lead single from the singer's eponymous album Khaled.

"Didi" peaked at number nine in the French Singles Chart and remained on the "Top 50" chart for 20 weeks, making it the first tune sung in Arabic to chart in France. It also topped the singles charts in Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

The music video was directed by Philippe Gautier.

On April 3, 2015, Khaled was convicted with plagiarism, for Didi, a musical composition recorded by Cheb Rabah (born Rabah Zerradine) in 1988. Cheb Rabah has also been compensated by Cheb Mami for plagiarizing his texts.

Didi (Angolan footballer)

Didi is an Angolan football player. He has played for Angola national team.

Didi (footballer)

Waldyr Pereira (8 October 1928 – 12 May 2001), nicknamed Didi , was a Brazilian footballer who played as a midfielder. He played in three FIFA World Cups ( 1954, 1958, and 1962), winning the latter two and was named the tournament's best player in 1958.

Didi is considered to be one of the greatest midfielders in the history sport, and was renowned for his range of passing, stamina and technique. A dead-ball specialist, he became famous for inventing the folha seca (dry leaf) free kicks, notably used by modern-day players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Juninho, where the ball would swerve downward unexpectedly at a point resulting in a goal.

Usage examples of "didi".

Digen stood up, keeping between Lankh and Didi to handle the fields for her.

He went back to the bed, where Didi had laid her head back against the pillows.

Digen realized that Didi was a Sime out-Territory without retainers, and thus if Lankh chose to kill her like this, he was within the law.