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Crossword clues for diameters


n. (plural of diameter English)

Usage examples of "diameters".

Some five planetary diameters out, the grid's force fields let go and Calhoun busied himself with aiming the ship for his destination, which was a very long way off.

A ship had to be several planetary diameters out from ground to have even its interplanetary drive work.

From its control room instructions should be sent, indicating a position some five planetary diameters from the surface of that world.

In any case, within three days he should return to the small Med Ship, the landing grid should heave it firmly heavenward to not less than five planetary diameters distance, and there release it.

The beautiful, nearly empty city dwindled as the grid field took the tiny spacecraft out to five planetary diameters and there released it.

Usually, it is something like five or six planetary diameters out from the local spaceport.

So a ship setting out for the stars had to be lifted not less than five planetary diameters from the ground before it could turn on any drive of its own.

The ship decelerated, voices notifying observation from the surface, and the little ship came to a stop some five planetary diameters out from solidity.

The Med Ship was only planetary diameters from Orede, now, and the electron telescope showed shining stars in leisurely motion across its screen.

Both of them have a very rapid spin, they're very close—only a few diameters apart—and one is at least a fourth the size of the other.

The ellipsoidal moon was so close—only a few diameters away—that it seemed in danger of falling.

Had the flagship been positioned a few more planetary diameters in, it might have been possible to see the small flashes of light which signified the presence of warships dropping troop shuttles to the surface of the Sspari homeworld.

Whether the subject to be studied was a gas giant, a moon thereof, or a smaller independent world, the ship would assume an orbit a safe several planetary diameters out.

It is perhaps the most exquisitely constructed machine ever built by man, a machine over which we have labored for years - and yet it is less than a few hundred atomic diameters wide.

The various shells are maintained, at their closest, just a few electrons' diameters apart.