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n. (plural of deva English)

Devas (disambiguation)

Devas may refer to:

  • Devas Club, a club in south London.
  • Jocelyn Devas, founder of the Devas Club
  • Devas (band), Romanian music band.
Devas (band)

Devas are a Romanian music band formed in the spring of 2010 in Cluj Napoca. The band consists of Cristian Şerbănescu (violin), Dragoş Cucoş (synthesizer) and Ionuţ Cataramă (violin). Their goal is to produce "inspirational music for your soul".

They currently have only one album Androginal Symphonicity and they have performed an international tour with it.

They have been invited several times to perform on national and local TV (Prima TV, KanalD TV, Antena 1, Antena 2, TVR Iasi, MIx TV Brasov), and radio ( Radio Romania Actualitati, Radio BV, Radio Iasi). Devas are currently working with Edward Maya on some new pieces.

Usage examples of "devas".

Some devas have potential, but it is much more difficult for they who know little of pain.

Since he was so firmly opposed to the old devas, or devil-gods, worshipers of these dark spirits give credit to this devil or that for having killed the prophet of the Wise Lord.

Since the Magians who worshiped the devas were in the majority, they did their best to make suffer the handful of Magians who followed Zoroaster.

But he who offers up a sacrifice to the undying, shining, swift-horsed sun, he will withstand darkness, and the devas, and that death which creeps in unseen .

I was also able to persuade Xerxes to denounce the devas and their worshipers in far stronger terms than Darius had ever used.