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vb. (en-third-person singular of: dere)

Usage examples of "deres".

Kofod Ancher, Om gamle Danske Gilder og deres Undergang, Copenhagen, 1785.

Pondering, I stumbled on, and was pleased with myself a few hours later when I realized that this glow probably came not from Korai but from the dust belts that swirled between it and Deres, casting off the cosmic rain that otherwise would have prevented life from ever beginning here.

The planet sits upright in its axis to Deres and the seasonal shifts come from the passage and repassage of the dust belts that haze the space between.

It finally hooked over onto a wide sheltered ledge where the light of Deres shone faint but warm, as if in reluctant benediction, through the hurrying clouds.

From the height of Deres riding over the peaks, it looked to be just past midday.

I looked around for Deres, no longer even tensing as fresh ice showered over me.

It took me until the light of Deres had begun to show through the wind-fluttering fabric.

A monitor satellite in deep solar orbit made contact with a starship that passed near Deres, and checked me out with a quick exchange of beams.

Those bright red peaks behind which Deres had set long ago even though the whole sky was still glowing.