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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dere \Dere\, v. t. [AS. derian to hurt.] To hurt; to harm; to injure. [Obs.]


Dere \Dere\, n. Harm. [Obs.]
--Robert of Brunne.


Etymology 1 n. (context UK dialectal English) hurt; harm; injury. Etymology 2

vb. (context transitive UK dialectal English) To hurt; harm; injure; wound.


Dere can refer to:

  • Deira, kingdom in Northern England (559-664)
  • Dere, Karaman, village in Karaman Province, Turkey
  • Dere, Kozluk, village in Batman Province, Turkey
  • Dere Street, Roman road in what is now Scotland
  • Dere (genus), genus of longhorn beetles Cerambycidae

Usage examples of "dere".

Unless my topesheet goes pack on me, for deh first dime in forty years dere vill pe a record clip pefore a veek from to-tay.

First der is dey fact you gant run out, dat dere is alreaty on deh Sugar vagon deh piggest load of chuicy suckers dat efer game in from deh suppurbs.

Insurance Office, but to visit Wimbledon instead and have an interview with Mrs Martin Dering, formerly Miss Sylvia Pearson.

Mrs Dering, will you tell me what your movements were yesterday afternoon?

There was an empty seat on one side of him where Ruby McAlmott, that awful best-seller woman, ought to have sat and an empty place on the other side of him where the sex specialist, Martin Dering, ought to have been, but he moved up nearer to a poet, who is very well known in Blackheath, and tried to make the best of things.

Pearsons, you remember, and Sylvia Pearson is married to Martin Dering, the novelist.

He was interrupted as the door opened and Martin Dering came into the room.

Mr Rosenkraun confirms your statement, Mr Dering, you will have nothing else to fear.

Leaning back in his chair he recounted his interview with Mr Dering, then from a file at his elbow he took out a copy of the wireless message he had dispatched to Mr Rosenkraun.

Martin Dering Friday Agreed support his statement as one friend to another believed his wife was having him watched for divorce proceedings.

It was the record of a marriage in 1894 between William Martin Dering and Martha Elizabeth Rycroft.

They lived on a big plantation in Fairfield County and dere I come into dis world, eighty-three years ago, 10th day of April past.

Kofod Ancher, Om gamle Danske Gilder og deres Undergang, Copenhagen, 1785.

We all cut it, dere brother, because of the goold, which they told us was tremenjus, and too much to resist, and so we found it.

My pappy name Ben Thompson en he hadder stay dere close to de big house cause he wus de Colonel driver.