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vb. (en-past of: dere)

Usage examples of "dered".

But perhaps, Nabinger won- the only true line of man, which of course, the Nazis found dered, there had been other searches with better results?

Valuable energy would have to dered if the old man might not be as crazy as he sounded.

With a vibrantly amused smile at her disconcertion, Tariq strolled into a splendid green marble bathroom and shoul dered shut the door.

Anthropologtzers have theorized about the extent to which the reports' fUtplugs have been modified from general issue standards Conceivably, the detailed adjustment (presumably for fit) of many of the spates indicates the prudence of the owner and therefore aided survival Studies are underway to process data about numbers of plugs, numbers of modified plugs, proportions at different sites, and general condition of the associated stillsuits The goal is significant correlations indicating survival propensities of different characteristics Cynics have won dered if, since the universal sizing of filtplugs seems to have been reasonably efficient, the .

But the leader of the street toughs, a thick-shoul dered bear of a man named Arsaber, was still jogging along beside the legionaries and came to their rescue now.

Someone had blun dered, letting the rustled hides make their way back to Doona.

I shud dered at the black writhing of submundane things from the many-volumed smoke of the braziers.