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alt. The act of demonizing or something demonized. n. The act of demonizing or something demonized.


n. to represent as diabolically evil; "the demonization of our enemies" [syn: demonisation]

"Demonized" redirects here. For the album, see Demonized (album).

Demonization or Demonisation is the reinterpretation of polytheistic deities as evil, lying demons by other religions, generally monotheistic and henotheistic ones. The term has since been expanded to refer to any characterization of individuals, groups, or political bodies as evil.

Usage examples of "demonization".

Arguments by demonization, rather than truth and light, can be presumed to be fraudulent.

Maybe, by imitating a famous Da Vinci drawing, Saunière was simply echoing some of their shared frustrations with the modern Church's demonization of the goddess.

But after it all went crazy out there in getting-to-be­-ex-Yugo, he got all worked up about the demonization of the Serbs, even though he agreed with most of the analysis of what Milosevic was doing in Croatia and going to do in Bosnia, his heart was just inflamed by the anti-Serb stuff, and in some mad moment he decided it was his duty to go back and be the moral conscience of the place, you know, like Stephen Dedalus, to forge in the smithy of his soul et cetera et cetera or some Serb Solzhenitsyn.

By 1971, when the two WTC towers were being built, the country was being beset by various environmentalist scare campaigns, one of which was the demonization of asbestos.