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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And I began to discover some recent local history as I delved deeper into this pit of hell.
▪ But he delved deeper and discovered that the thirteen genders were arranged in a hierarchy.
▪ He delved deeper in Judi's memories.
▪ As it went on, Atkinson's routine delved deeper into meaninglessness.
▪ But as a text oriented towards the practitioner it does not delve deeper than what would be already known by the reader.
▪ We delve deeply into the psyche for memories of past experience and sensation to judge any work of art.
▪ The movie delves deeply into the issues of violence and its consequences.
▪ That leaves the weapons connection, but it is inappropriate for the Sizewell inquiry to delve deeply into this issue.
▪ Researchers, too, can sometimes be carried away in delving deeply into some issue in the minutest detail.
▪ For 13 years, she delved assiduously.
▪ No one was to be called upon to delve too deeply into his pocket, it was agreed.
▪ So I delved beneath my anorak and pulled out a corner of shirt.
▪ This man would want to know everything, would delve and dig, and not be satisfied with surface explanations.
▪ To delve into interface design further, consider video on-demand.
▪ We shall need also to delve into the foundations of mathematics, and even to question the very nature of physical reality.
▪ While some contributions amount to little more than a description of manufacturers' software, others delve into the concepts and methodologies.
▪ Yet here the counsellor faces the problem of whether to delve into the difficult past, or to leave it alone.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Delf \Delf\ (d[e^]lf), n. [AS. delf a delving, digging. See Delve.] A mine; a quarry; a pit dug; a ditch. [Written also delft, and delve.] [Obs.]

The delfts would be so flown with waters, that no gins or machines could . . . keep them dry.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English delfan "to dig" (class III strong verb; past tense dealf, past participle dolfen), common West Germanic verb (cognates: Old Saxon delban, Dutch delven, Middle High German telben "to dig"), from PIE root *dhelbh- (cognates: Lithuanian delba "crowbar," Russian dolbit', Czech dlabati, Polish dłubać "to chisel;" Russian dolotó, Czech dlato, Polish dłuto "chisel"). Weak inflections emerged 14c.-16c. Related: Delved; delving.


n. (context now rare English) A pit or den. vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To dig the ground, especially with a shovel. 2 (context ambitransitive English) To search thoroughly and carefully for information, research, dig into, penetrate, fathom, trace out 3 (context ambitransitive English) To dig, to excavate.


v. turn up, loosen, or remove earth; "Dig we must"; "turn over the soil for aeration" [syn: dig, cut into, turn over]


Delve is a municipality belonging to the Amt Kirchspielslandgemeinde ("collective municipality") Eider in the district Dithmarschen in Schleswig-Holstein, in northern Germany.

The municipality covers an area of . Of a total population of 734, 364 are male, 374 are female (Dec 31, 2004). The population density of the community is .

Image:Delve gr haus.jpg |alt=House in Delve |House in Delve Image:Delve traktor vor haus.jpg |alt=House in Delve |House in Delve Image:Delve faehrhafen.jpg |alt=Delve harbour for the Eider ferry |Delve harbour for the Eider ferry Image:Delve kirche ueber feld.jpg |alt=Delve Church |Delve Church

Usage examples of "delve".

It becomes even more imperative, given our findings on behavioral differences, that we not only learn how to detect cases of child sexual abuse early but also delve further into behavioral outcomes, particularly in the noncriminal abused adults.

Have any of you gents ever thought to delve into the secret lives of unfortunates such as Bubblehead Burnside?

In response, Hyacinth delved into her carpetbag and fetched forth a green clothbound book, the housekeeping journal sort.

Of samurai origin, Soko earned a reputation as a brilliant scholar, delving into such varied subjects as Shinto, Buddhism, and Japanese poetry, as well as Confucianism, which he studied in Edo under Hayashi Razan.

Seer who spent well above the average amount of time at the sharp end of delving, actually with the Nasqueron Dwellers.

Real Delving, hands metaphorically dirty, became the norm, not the exception.

I always thought delving would be the death of me but I assumed it would be an equipment failure, not something like this.

Seers - half of them men, half of them women, all of them greyly deferential - and, bringing up the rear, the gangly, smiling form of Paggs Yurnvic, a Seer whom Fassin had helped teach but who, having spent less time subsequently in the slowness of actual delving than Fassin had, was now older in both adjusted time and appearance.

It was thought that I would be remote delving with you and your colleagues, from the Shared Facility on the Third Fury moon.

He was, in effect, delving, stopped right down to talk to something that made a deep, slow-timing Dweller look like a speed-freak.

Matter of fact, probably the last bit of R and R he got before delving into Nasq.

Deep Delving and sold as if he were a bolt of cloth, would not allow him to give up the idea.

Deep Delving and the Smoking Mountain, and I employ some eleven freemen in my own name, so I trust you will address me accordingly.

He was too ill to tell me their names, or how he came to be in Deep Delving, where I met him, but I promised to find them, and to tell them how he died.

Deep Delving, the vast fortune that had fallen into his possession, and his admission to the society of near-immortals, signs that his life had a purpose beyond mere survival.