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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a deluxe hotel room
▪ Longman has published a deluxe, leather- bound edition of Johnson's Dictionary.
▪ The deluxe model comes complete with an in-car CD player and car-phone.
▪ Imagine watching Monday Night Football in a tiki atmosphere, a deluxe lounge with all the trimmings.
▪ In a deluxe terrace suite, you can soak up the sights from your own outdoor Jacuzzi.
▪ It started with Lacroix and Mizrahi glorifying the humble parka by reinterpreting the shape in deluxe brocades and satins.
▪ Maybe the deluxe room gets you both air conditioning and a fully functioning shower.
▪ Most are now gone, replaced by fleets of deluxe new megaships.
▪ Utell launched Summi International Hotels, a new consortium specialising in deluxe and five star hotels.
▪ When he stays out of town, he frequently checks into deluxe hotels that charge hundreds of dollars a night.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

deluxe \deluxe\ adj.

  1. impressively expensive; notably exceeding typical price or quality.

    Syn: gilded, luxurious, opulent, princely, sumptuous.

  2. especially elegant and sumptuous; of the highest quality; as, a deluxe car; deluxe accommodations.

    Syn: gilded, luxurious, opulent, princely, sumptuous, de luxe, luxe, luxury(prenominal).

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1819, from French de luxe, literally "of luxury," from Latin luxus "excess, abundance" (see luxury).


a. Being very fine in quality or luxurious.

  1. adj. rich and superior in quality; "a princely sum"; "gilded dining rooms" [syn: gilded, luxurious, opulent, princely, sumptuous]

  2. elegant and sumptuous; "a deluxe car"; "luxe accommodations"; "a luxury condominium" [syn: de luxe, luxe, luxury(a)]

Deluxe (Better Than Ezra album)

Deluxe is an album by the alternative rock band Better Than Ezra. It has been released by two labels: the original version in 1993 by Swell Records, and the 1995 version by Elektra Records. This is the group's best known album and contains their biggest single, " Good". It is also their debut major label record, as Surprise was entirely self-released and sold.


Deluxe may refer to:

Deluxe (musician)

Deluxe (Xoel López) is a Spanish alternative rock musician from A Coruña, Galicia (Spain).

Deluxe (Harmonia album)

Deluxe is the second album from the highly influential Krautrock/ Kosmische Musik group Harmonia. Harmonia was formed by the addition of Neu! guitarist Michael Rother to Cluster, the duo of Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius.

Deluxe was recorded in June, 1975 in Harmonia's studio in Forst, Germany. It was first released on the Brain Records label in 1975. It was produced by the band members and legendary Krautrock producer, Conny Plank. Ned Raggett's review for Allmusic opens: "A touch more immediate and song-oriented than its predecessor, but no less enchanting and lovely to hear, Deluxe again features the trio experimenting with a variety of approaches, most particularly including vocals here and there for the first time." The Ground and Sky review by Joe McGlinchey describes Deluxe, in part: "The album also has more of a drive to it than the first Harmonia album, perhaps in part to Rother's guitar being much more upfront and noticeable, as well as the addition of Guru Guru drummer Mani Neumeier on some tracks." Neumeier performs a lengthy jam on the track "Walky Talky". Ned Raggett adds: "The motorik pulses and rhythms, however soft and subtle, still dominate the proceedings, while the glazed, warm feeling of the whole album is astounding."

Deluxe ranked at #41 among Krautrock albums in sales at as of 3 September 2007. Musician, writer, and rock historian Julian Cope included Deluxe in his Krautrock Top 50.

CDs of Deluxe first appeared in 1994 on the Germanofon label. This dubious company based in Luxembourg released numerous Krautrock albums without proper authorization or paying royalties, in effect producing bootlegs that somehow found their way into mainstream distribution. The Germanofon CDs were transfers from vinyl LPs and generally were of inferior sound quality. The album was not properly released on CD until 24 October 2004 on the Motor Music label, a subsidiary of the Universal Music Group. It was also reissued by Universal in Japan in 2005, by the Russian label Lilith in 2006, and by the Revisited Records label in 2007.

Deluxe (musical group)

Deluxe is a French band formed in 2007 in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Usage examples of "deluxe".

A Macedonian with an average monthly income of 160 USD clearly cannot afford to buy the Encyclopaedia Encarta Deluxe.

At the Fairmont, the Deluxe, the RKO Fordham, the Paradise, the Valentine, the Ascot, the Fox.

Holcombe, the life-like roboid butler that had come with the space yacht, and added a special touch of luxury that had enabled the manufacturers to charge what they had for this deluxe version of the ship when it was new.

The heat had pretty much killed Eric’s appetite, but Hosea studied the menu for a moment and ordered three super deluxe sausage calzones, a kind of Moebius pizza with the crust on the outside and the topping on the inside.

The heat had pretty much killed Eric's appetite, but Hosea studied the menu for a moment and ordered three super deluxe sausage calzones, a kind of Moebius pizza with the crust on the outside and the topping on the inside.

He still missed cigarettes, but the region right around here was about the largest manufacturer of clay pipes in Europe, from cheapos to deluxe.

In fact I was buying myself Fez and Milky Ways and Mad magazines and a Creeple Peeple-brand Deluxe Oven-and-Mold Set with six different colors of goo.

He bops his shaggy head a little bit, as if he's really getting off on this particular example of Shitkicker Deluxe.

At first, it seemed as if the Baudelaires were barking up the wrong tree, because the water seemed to have no more effect against the wall of the Deluxe Cell than a silk scarf would have against a charging rhinoceros, but it soon became clear that water —.

I call upon the master of magik, the big kahuna himself, commander of demons, conjuror deluxe, king of wizards and wizard to kingsbring us the Great Skeeve!

I need an ice cream cone, an inflatable lounger, a deluxe bucket and spade set, a hot dog, scuba equipment, some cotton candy, a zodiac with an outboard, my own water slide, a cheese pizza with extra cheese, and a bathroom.

I ordered a draft beer, a deluxe fried chicken sandwich, a small pepperoni pizza and fries.

Its Audubons Birds of America, the deluxe, wonderful double-elephant folio thats almost as tall as my young self.

Petersburg's circus fanciers, many of the troupers began to revise the favorable impressions they had first had of the city—and also of their deluxe accommodations.

We gave him a free spin in the mood tube and a Deluxe O to chill him down.