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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Deltoid \Del"toid\, a. [Gr. deltoeidh`s delta- shaped; de`lta the name of the letter [Delta] + e'i^dos form: cf. F. delto["i]de. See Delta.]

  1. Shaped like the Greek [Delta] (delta); delta-shaped; triangular.

    Deltoid leaf (Bot.), a leaf in the form of a triangle with the stem inserted at the middle of the base.

    Deltoid muscle (Anat.), a large triangular muscle covering the shoulder joint, which serves to raise the arm directly upward.

  2. of or pertaining to the deltoid muscle.


Deltoid \Del"toid\, n. [see deltoid, a.] the deltoid muscle.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1741, in deltoid muscle, so called for its shape, from Greek deltoeides "triangular," literally "shaped like the letter delta;" see delta + -oid.


a. 1 In the shape of the upper case Greek letter delta Δ; triangular. 2 Of, or connected with the 3 (context botany of leaves English) Of a triangular or roughly triangular shape and attached to the stem via the side. n. 1 The deltoid muscle, a triangular muscle on the human shoulder. 2 The deltoid ligament, a triangular ligament on the human ankle.


adj. of a leaf shape; suggesting a capital delta, with a point at the apex


n. a large triangular muscle covering the shoulder joint and serving to abduct and flex and extend and rotate the arm [syn: deltoid muscle, musculus deltoideus]


Deltoid ( delta-shaped) can refer to:

Usage examples of "deltoid".

Pistol-shot through the left pectoralis major and left deltoid muscles.

There is one wound two centimeters long in the upper anterior left chest in the second interspace, and one wound five centimeters long and a maximum of one point six centimeters deep in the anteromedial left deltoid, a slashing injury.

I could see now that the minister, doing what looked like deltoid releases, was leading his merry band of church elders in the equivalent of a canonical conga line with Essie Daggett bringing up the rear.

The deltopectoral crest is a raised ridge on the craniolateral (forward and external) side of this bone, to which deltoid and pectoral muscles attach.

The Deltoids seemed in no hurry to attack them, something which was incomprehensible to Wayne at the time, but which had a simple explanation that was supplied later, when they were safe for the moment in Poictesme.

The Deltoids noticed this and noisily started motors, eager to get away from the treacherous ground.

It amused the Poictesmeans very much to see the usually arrogant and self-assured Deltoids slink off with their tails dragging.

So Poictesme was burrowing past where all these Deltoids had assembled to capture or kill the carhunter?

Then I'm going to work your deltoids so hard you won't be able to move for a week.

The others were behind the deltoids and projected from the floor of the porch at a forty-five-degree angle so that their ends stuck through the deltoids.

Caruso said, whacking Jason across the shoulder blades and squeezing his deltoids, which were the size of cantaloupes.

Over at the free weights I do three sets of fifteen repetitions of leg extensions, leg curls and leg presses, then three sets and twenty repetitions of barbell curls, then three sets and twenty repetitions of bentover lateral raises for the rear deltoids and three sets and twenty repetitions of latissimus pulldowns, pulley rows, dead lifts and bent‑over barbell rows.

For the front deltoids I also do three sets of lateral raises and seated dumbbell presses.

In the clavicle area, where the muscle webs of the trapezius and deltoid are thinned out, the descending brachial plexus, which includes a big ulnar and radial nerves to the arm, is close to the bone.

Only youth's quickness saved him, but he left the second barb buried in the deltoid muscle of the slave's right arm.