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Delisle (crater)

Delisle is a small lunar crater in the western part of the Mare Imbrium. It lies to the north of the crater Diophantus, and just to the northwest of the ridge designated Mons Delisle. Between Delisle and Diophantus is a sinuous rille named Rima Diophantus, with a diameter of 150 km. To the northeast is another rille designated Rima Delisle, named after this crater.

The rim of Delisle is somewhat polygonal in form and it has a low central rise on the floor. There is some slight slumping along the inner wall, but overall the rim is still relatively fresh with little appearance of significant wear. The outer rim is surrounded by a small rampart of hummocky terrain.

This formation has also been designated "De l'Isle" in some sources.


Delisle or De Lisle or de Lisle may refer to:

Delisle (surname)

Delisle or De Lisle may refer to:

  • Charles-Marie-René Leconte de Lisle (1818–1894), French poet of the Parnassian movement
  • Claude Delisle (1644–1720), French cartographer and royal censor, father of Guillaume (q.v.)
  • Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle (1760–1836), author of La Marseillaise, the French national anthem
  • Esther Delisle (born 1954), Quebec historian
  • Gilles Delisle and Helga Delisle were killed in the Delisle triple murder in 2010
  • Grey DeLisle (born 1973), U.S. singer & voice actress
  • Guillaume Delisle (1675–1726), French cartographer
  • Guy Delisle (born 1966), Canadian comic book author
  • Heather De Lisle (born 1976), American television presenter, radio correspondent
  • Jonathan Delisle (born 1977) Canadian hockey player
  • Joseph-Nicolas Delisle (1688–1768), French astronomer for whom the lunar features as well as the temperature scale below are named
  • Jean-Baptiste-Claude Delisle de Sales (1741–1816), French natural philosopher
  • Leanda de Lisle, British writer and journalist
  • Léopold Victor Delisle (1826–1910), French historian
  • Raymond Delisle (1943–2013) French bicycle racer
  • Vanessa de Lisle, British fashion journalist.

Several titles "de Lisle" has been held by various Englishmen, see:

  • Lord Lisle (disambiguation)
  • Viscount Lisle
  • Viscount De L'Isle
  • Baron Lisle