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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
delirium tremens
▪ The win brought on delirium among the fans.
▪ A warehouse for the furnishings of consumer delirium.
▪ And in the delirium of recognising her power she felt protected, safe in his arms.
▪ Another hundred yards, down again, mumbling to himself in delirium.
▪ Later that day she was hospitalized in a delirium brought on by polio.
▪ The headlights shot across the concrete columns in a delirium.
▪ There are a few touches of delirium in Lecercle's text itself, as he would certainly be delighted to admit.
▪ With the noise came a delirium.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Delirium \De*lir"i*um\ (d[-e]*l[i^]r"[i^]*[u^]m), n. [L., fr. delirare to rave, to wander in mind, prop., to go out of the furrow in plowing; de- + lira furrow, track; perh. akin to G. geleise track, rut, and E. last to endure.]

  1. (Med.) A state in which the thoughts, expressions, and actions are wild, irregular, and incoherent; mental aberration; a roving or wandering of the mind, -- usually dependent on a fever or some other disease, and so distinguished from mania, or madness.

  2. Strong excitement; wild enthusiasm; madness.

    The popular delirium [of the French Revolution] at first caught his enthusiastic mind.
    --W. Irving.

    The delirium of the preceding session (of Parliament).

    Delirium tremens. [L., trembling delirium] (Med.), a violent delirium induced by the excessive and prolonged use of intoxicating liquors.

    Traumatic delirium (Med.), a variety of delirium following injury.

    Syn: Insanity; frenzy; madness; derangement; aberration; mania; lunacy; fury. See Insanity.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1590s, from Latin delirium "madness," from deliriare "be crazy, rave," literally "go off the furrow," a plowing metaphor, from phrase de lire, from de "off, away" (see de-) + lira "furrow, earth thrown up between two furrows," from PIE *leis- (1) "track, furrow" (see learn).


n. A temporary mental state with a sudden onset, usually reversible, including symptoms of confusion, inability to concentrate, disorientation, anxiety, and sometimes hallucinations. Causes can include dehydration, drug intoxication, and severe infection.

  1. n. state of violent mental agitation [syn: craze, frenzy, fury, hysteria]

  2. a usually brief state of excitement and mental confusion often accompanied by hallucinations

Delirium (comics)

Delirium is a fictional character from Neil Gaiman's comic book series The Sandman. She is one of The Endless, a group of beings who embody powerful forces or aspects of the universe, and are much more powerful than gods.

Delirium (Sedes album)

Delirium is the sixth album of Polish punk rock band Sedes

Delirium (Cirque du Soleil)

Delirium was a touring multimedia stage show by Cirque du Soleil featuring live music, video projections, and performances by acrobats and other circus performers. The production featured remixes of existing Cirque du Soleil music. The show premiered on January 26, 2006 and had its final performance in London, England on April 20, 2008.

Delirium was the first of Cirque du Soleil's productions designed to be presented in arenas outside Japan (first was Fascination in 1992, which was only presented in Japan); all the company's previous stage productions outside Japan had been toured with their own large, custom-built tent (referred to as the 'big top' or 'grand chapiteau') or were permanent shows performed in specially designed theatres. Delirium, as Cirque du Soleil's first significant experiment with arena venues, eventually helped pave the way for the company's subsequent show-by-show conversion of its older big top productions (e.g. Saltimbanco, Alegría, Quidam, Dralion, and Varekai) to a more cost-effective arena format.

Delirium (disambiguation)

Delirium is a common and severe neuropsychiatric syndrome.

Delirium may also refer to:

Delirium (Capercaillie album)

Delirium is the fourth studio album by folk rock band Capercaillie released in 1991 by Survival Records. It was issued in North America by Valley Entertainment in 2002.

Delirium (Wrathchild album)

Delirium is an album by Wrathchild, released in 1989. It marks the final appearances of Rocky Shades and Lance Rocket.

Delirium (1987 film)

Delirium (Italian: Le foto di Gioia; also known as Delirium: Photo of Gioia) is a 1987 Italian giallo film directed by Lamberto Bava and starring Serena Grandi and Daria Nicolodi.

Delirium (Restrepo novel)

Delirium is a novel by Colombian author Laura Restrepo. With this book, Restrepo won the prestigious Premio Alfaguara de Novela in 2004. Natasha Wimmer's English translation was published in 2007.

Delirium (Cooper novel)

Delirium is a 1998 novel by Douglas Anthony Cooper and is the second entry in his Izzy Darlow series. The book was released by Hyperion in February 1998, and the Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada noted that it was "the first novel by an established author that was serialized on the Internet (Cooper began serializing the novel in 1994, shortly after the Web became widely available.)"

Delirium (Lauren Oliver novel)

Delirium is a dystopian young adult novel written by Lauren Oliver, published on January 1, 2011 by HarperCollins (HarperTeen), about a young girl, Lena Haloway, who falls in love in a society where love is seen as a disease. The novel is the first part of a trilogy, followed by Pandemonium.


Delirium, or acute confusional state, is an organically caused decline from a previously attained baseline level of cognitive function. It is typified by fluctuating course, attentional deficits and generalized severe disorganization of behavior. It typically involves other cognitive deficits, changes in arousal (hyperactive, hypoactive, or mixed), perceptual deficits, altered sleep-wake cycle, and psychotic features such as hallucinations and delusions.

Delirium itself is not a disease, but rather a clinical syndrome (a set of symptoms). It may result from an underlying disease, over-consumption of alcohol, from drugs administered during treatment of a disease, withdrawal from drugs or from any number of health factors. Delirium may be difficult to diagnose without the proper establishment of the baseline mental function of a patient.

Delirium may be caused by a disease process outside the brain that nonetheless affects the brain, such as infection ( urinary tract infection, pneumonia) or drug effects, particularly anticholinergics or other CNS depressants ( benzodiazepines and opioids). Although hallucinations and delusions are sometimes present in delirium, these are not required for the diagnosis, and the symptoms of delirium are clinically distinct from those induced by psychosis or hallucinogens (with the exception of deliriants.) Delirium must by definition be caused by an organic process, i.e., a physically identifiable structural, functional, or chemical problem in the brain (see organic brain syndrome), and thus, fluctuations of mentation due to changes in purely psychiatric processes or diseases, such as sudden psychosis from schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, are (by definition) not termed delirium. Like its components (inability to focus attention, mental confusion and various impairments in awareness and temporal and spatial orientation), delirium is the common manifestation of new organic brain dysfunction (for any reason). Delirium requires both a sudden change in mentation, and an organic cause for this. Thus, without careful assessment and history, delirium can easily be confused with a number of psychiatric disorders or long term organic brain syndromes, because many of the signs and symptoms of delirium are conditions also present in dementia, depression, and psychosis. Delirium may newly appear on a background of mental illness, baseline intellectual disability, or dementia, without being due to any of these problems.

Treatment of delirium requires treating the underlying cause. In some cases, temporary or palliative or symptomatic treatments are used to comfort the person or to allow other care (for example, a person who, without understanding, is trying to pull out a ventilation tube that is required for survival). Delirium is probably the single most common acute disorder affecting adults in general hospitals. It affects 10-20% of all hospitalized adults, and 30-40% of elderly who are hospitalized and up to 80% of those in ICU. Among those requiring critical care, delirium is a risk for death within the next year. Antipsychotics are not supported for the treatment or prevention of delirium among those who are in hospital. However, when delirium is caused by alcohol or sedative hypnotic withdrawal, benzodiazepines are typically used.

Delirium (ride)

Delirium is a Giant Frisbee ride located at Kings Island and Kings Dominion amusement parks. Designed by HUSS Park Attractions at Kings Island and Mondial at Kings Dominion, the ride first opened at Kings Island on April 12, 2003, as the largest Frisbee ride of its kind in the world. A slightly smaller version of the ride opened at Kings Dominion on March 25, 2016.

Delirium (2013 film)

Delirium is a 2013 Ukrainian film produced and directed by Ihor Podolchak, premiered in Director’s Week Competition in Fantasporto (Portugal, 2013), awarded with the "First Prize" at Baghdad International Film Festival (2013).

Delirium is the second Podolchak feature film. The screenplay is based on the novel Inductor by Ukrainian writer Dmytro Belyansky.

Delirium (2014 film)

Delirium is a 2014 Argentine film, starring Ricardo Darín in a meta fictional role.

Delirium (1979 film)

Delirium (also known as Psycho Puppet) is a 1979 American thriller film, directed by Peter Maris and written by Maris and Richard Yalem.

The film is one of the infamous " Video Nasties".

Delirium (Lacuna Coil album)

Delirium is the eighth studio album by Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil. It was released by Century Media on May 27, 2016. This is the first album to not feature long time drummer Cristiano "Criz" Mozzati and guitarists Cristiano "Pizza", who retired from the band on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2014, and Marco "Maus" Biazzi, who left the band just before recording sessions, making it the first album since their debut to feature other band members, and the first one completely recorded and mixed in Italy.

Delirium (band)

Delirium is an Italian progressive rock musical group, best known for the song "Jesahel".

The group formed in 1969, with the name Sagittari and with a beat repertoire. The group changed his name after the entrance of Ivano Fossati that replaced the Sagittari singer Riccardo Anselmi, in the late 1970.

Since their first single "Canto di Osanna" (1971), presented at the Festival di Musica d'Avanguardia e di Nuove Tendenze, the group gained an immediate success. In 1972 Delirium entered the Sanremo Music Festival with the song "Jesahel", reaching sixth place in the competition and peaking number one on the Italian hit parade. After the new single "Haum" that Delirium presented at Un disco per l'estate Fossati left the group to start a solo career. After two more albums the group disbanded in mid-seventies, until a reunion in early 2000s.

Delirium (Ellie Goulding album)

Delirium is the third studio album by English singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding, released on 6 November 2015 by Polydor Records. Music critics were generally impressed by the overall production of the record, although they were ambivalent in regards to its originality. It debuted at number three on the UK Albums Chart and the US Billboard 200, earning Goulding her highest-charting record in the latter country and her highest first-week sales figures in both territories. The album has spawned three singles: " On My Mind", " Army" and " Something in the Way You Move".

Usage examples of "delirium".

But Cupples--from whose veins alcohol had expelled the blood, whose skull was a Circean cup of hurtful spells--would not delirium follow for him?

Pastor Crenshaw showed signs of mild delirium or mental breakdown, even physical exhaustion.

Ives, Denbigh was in a state of delirium from the height of his fever, and the apprehensions of his friends were renewed with additional force.

In her delirium, she had relived her time with Andre and had run from him, trying to fnd a saviour--whom she now knew was Simon.

All he cared about now was getting past the guards before delirium set in.

A less zealous, optimistic and dogged individual than he would not have even supposed that, so years after the Hearts had emigrated east from Vegas, that city of all American cities phantasmagoric and insubstantial as a delirium hallucination, there could be any trace, any vestigial memory of them.

Her delirium lasted three days, and as soon as she got back her reason she charged her young friend to tell me that she was sure to get well if I promised to keep to my word, and to carry her off as soon as her health would allow.

Perhaps it was the delirium I suffered in Martinico, occasioned by the fever.

These neuralgic pains fly along the tracks of nerves to different organs, and capriciously dart from point to point with marvelous celerity, producing nausea, headache, and sometimes delirium.

There are wandering pains in the body and sometimes a passive delirium exists.

The conditions in which bromides are most frequently used are insomnia, epilepsy, whooping-cough, delirium tremens, asthma, migraine, laryngismus stridulus, the symptoms often attendant upon the climacteric in women, hysteria, neuralgia, certain nervous disorders of the heart, strychnine poisoning, nymphomania and spermatorrhoea.

Raskolnikov that this senseless delirium echoed so sadly and tormentingly in his memory, that the impression of these feverish dreams refused to go away for so long.

Extreme pain and uremic poisoning had resulted in delirium and convulsions.

I thought I had cured her, but on the following day the frenzy went up to the brain, and in her delirium she pronounced at random Greek and Latin words without any meaning, and then no doubt whatever was entertained of her being possessed of the evil spirit.

She was still at the asylum, and in her moments of delirium she did nothing but utter my name with curses.