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vb. (en-third-person singular of: delink)

Usage examples of "delinks".

Norms traded their Delink offspring for the Norm offspring of Delinks.

Low-grade Delinks but with no syndicate or assassin guild insignia on their clothing.

I gather they came from somewhere near Pittsburg and, at that time, there were constant battles between the Delinks and the police.

The Delinks, however, were keeping to their agreement Although the command car was hit several times, it was always by weapons incapable of perforating the armor.

The Delinks were not going to risk blowing up their own strongholds with their own heavy weapons.

In the controlled cities, the Delinks still pursued their illegal professions but carefully and they took orders.

The Norms did not put them there, nor did the Stinkers, the Delinks nor, in fairness, the Geeks.