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vb. To unlink.

Usage examples of "delink".

The exterior mikes picked up the voice perfectly, even to the jeering, nasal and aggressive intonations of all Delink speech.

Norm couples had Delink children and, again, too often, Delink couples had Norm children.

Norms traded their Delink offspring for the Norm offspring of Delinks.

There were Delink lawyers, doctors, scientists and so on and the enforcement of law became a mockery.

Pulling Delink chestnuts out of the fire must be an exhausting if unrewarding task.

My dear friend, we were a thorn in the Delink flesh, so they connived with you to pull it out.

Look, suppose, just suppose, a Delink is a Delink because this telepathic what-have-you deletes his appreciation of moral logic before he can absorb it.

With each sortie, the Delink position was weakened and the Geek hold strengthened.

Large sums were paid for information and the rewards for active collaboration were too great for the Delink mind to resist.

The exodus of teenagers from both Norm and Delink societies rose to the alarming figure of sixty a month.

You saw and witnessed the casualty figures when they mounted a maximum, with Delink cooperation, on a single London street.

Norm and Delink communities when the alien mechanisms had plunged suddenly from the sky but the first sign of change was the unexpected appearance of Scuttlers on the streets, helping in the rescue work.

Low-grade Delinks but with no syndicate or assassin guild insignia on their clothing.

I gather they came from somewhere near Pittsburg and, at that time, there were constant battles between the Delinks and the police.

The Delinks, however, were keeping to their agreement Although the command car was hit several times, it was always by weapons incapable of perforating the armor.