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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Once you have delimited the topic of your study, it is time to select your research strategy.
▪ An early stage of refinement delimited each individual definition.
▪ The Court assumed the Organisation's power to be delimited by the Charter without examining why this is so.
▪ The cuticle also exhibits localized areas of hardening which are sometimes delimited by sutures.
▪ The fence delimits the state boundaries.
▪ The field was delimited in a number of ways: 1.
▪ The frozen hoar frost from the summer fog delimits annual ice bands in the core.
▪ These lists are sorted in numerical order and delimited by square brackets.
▪ Two open arrowheads delimit the putative binding region with the dystrophin-associated glycoproteins.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Delimit \De*lim"it\, v. t. [L. delimitare: cf. F. d['e]limiter.] To fix the limits of; to demarcate; to bound.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1852, from French délimiter (18c.), from Latin delimitare "to mark out as a boundary," from de- (see de-) + limitare, from limitem, limes "boundary, limit" (see limit (n.)). Related: Delimited; delimiting.


vb. 1 (context transitive English) To mark or fix the limits of. 2 (context transitive English) To demarcate.

  1. v. determine the essential quality of [syn: specify, define, delineate, delimitate]

  2. be opposite to; of angles and sides, in geometry [syn: subtend]

  3. set, mark, or draw the boundaries of something [syn: demarcate, delimitate]

Usage examples of "delimit".

The large orderly segments considerably help the cryptanalyst, though his guesses are not as delimited as in a one-part code.

The attempt is not successful, and in spite of its power and the beauty of its component parts, the picture as a whole is less satisfying as a composition, and for that reason less moving as a story, than is the companion piece, in which Goya arranges his figures in a series of sharply delimited balancing groups, dramatically contrasted with one another and the background.

Up to now, the cloistered little Scotsman had known a horizon delimited by Kincardineshire and Bristol.

On the fourth day stakes were driven into the ground, delimiting a ceremonial area, and on the fifth a sacred place was identified within this area.

Artore along a rutted road delimited by juniper and waxweed, into the hilly country that stretched beyond sight of the river.

Anne numbly followed the man named Artore along a rutted road delimited by juniper and waxweed, into the hilly country that stretched beyond sight of the river.

I had perceived it as a prison that defined and delimited me, but now, held within an official confine, that blue-green cube with the ocean stretching out before it appeared to embody the very essence of freedom.

The authorities had assumed he was still under full Allegiancy restriction, but soon some Sentient would notice Arlai had not taken the new Allegiancy delimiting programming.

Feral hamsters bogey-wise right up there with mile-high toddlers, skull-deprived wraiths, carnivorous flora, and marsh-gas that melts your face off and leaves you with exposed gray-and-red facial musculature for the rest of your ghoulish-pariah life, in terms of late-night hair-raising Concavity narratives are rarely sighted south of the Lucíte walls and ATH-SCME'd checkpoints that delimit the Great Concavity, and only once in a blue moon anywhere south of like the new-border burg of Methuen MA, whose Chamber of Commerce calls it 'The City That Interdependence Rebuilt,' and anyway pace Blott are hardly ever seen solo, being the sort of rapacious locust-like mass-movement creature that Canadian agronomists call 'Piranha of the Plains.

Pemulis is telling Penn that there's a critical distinction between horning in and letting asswipes like Jeffrey Joseph Penn run roughshod over the delimiting boundaries that are Eschaton's very life-blood.

We can set up equations delimiting various conceivable approaches to the rescue problem, and crank 'em through the computator, and eliminate unworkable ideas.

Just as the Romans and Etruscans cut up the heavens with rigid mathematical lines and confined a god within each of the spaces thereby delimited, as within a templum, so every people has a similarly mathematically divided conceptual heaven above themselves and henceforth thinks that truth demands that each conceptual god be sought only within his own sphere.

He was sitting deep within a data hierarchy that delimited the BEC empire.

Certainly he couldn't think of anything besides a deliberate decision on God's part to turn the Devil loose on hapless humanity under carefully delimited conditions which could explain the current political process in the Star Kingdom.

Her Majesty's Government takes a different view, and as they say, possession is nine-tenths of the law, but the provisions of the Act of Annexation specifically delimit my powers.