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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a delighted grin
▪ ‘I've managed to fix it!’ she said, with a delighted grin.
be excited/thrilled/delighted etc at the prospect (of sth)
▪ I was excited at the prospect of going to Washington.
▪ Needless to say, the police were already familiar with the thief and absolutely delighted upon the production of such unambiguous evidence.
▪ We were also delighted to see and, both in their eighties, who worked at Stoneham maltings.
▪ Lucy was also delighted with the response.
▪ He was also delighted to be given a bottle of whisky from his colleagues at Runcorn.
▪ Nomatterhow important the sale is, and how delighted the salesperson feels, he should remain calm and professional.
▪ Back issues and Shareware Sir: I am writing to say how delighted I am with your magazine!
▪ Boyle spoke yesterday of how delighted he was for the two athletes and the satisfaction their golden double gave him.
▪ But after ramming their words back down their throats his enormous smile shows how delighted he is to be a golden oldie!
▪ He just seemed so delighted, so rejuvenated to meet my little baby.
▪ They were so delighted to have had the opportunity, for training, whatever the personal cost.
▪ Sam was so delighted and went round the room shaking hands, offering peace and cake.
▪ Martin was so delighted at the idea of fatherhood that he became lovely and loving again, even drank less.
▪ Mickey was so delighted that he promptly scored a hat trick in his side's 4-1 win.
be glad/delighted/pleased etc to see the back of sb/sth
you will be delighted/pleased etc to know (that)
▪ Andrea was delighted at the chance to go to the Bolshoi ballet.
▪ His parents were absolutely delighted about the baby.
▪ I was delighted to hear you were getting married.
▪ Paul McCartney staged a concert for 50,000 delighted fans.
▪ We are delighted that the negotiations have been completed successfully.
▪ When she saw the new car, she was delighted.
▪ However, Major and his team were delighted on Wednesday night after meeting the new president for more than four hours.
▪ I am delighted to say that we don't see any babies in this dream.
▪ I am delighted to see you.
▪ Jay was delighted with the compliment and intrigued to see inside Lucy's flat.
▪ Mike Morley says we're obviously delighted with that decision.
▪ Richard at that time was openly delighted at the prospect of posh motors.
▪ We were delighted, and at a convenient interlude she took me to a favourite uncle, an Air Vice-Marshal.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Delight \De*light"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Delighted; p. pr. & vb. n. Delighting.] [OE. deliten, OF. delitier, deleitier, F. d['e]lecter, fr. L. delectare to entice away, to delight (sc. by attracting or alluring), intens. of delicere to allure, delight; de- + lacere to entice, allure; cf. laqueus a snare. Cf. Delectate, Delicate, Delicious, Dilettante, Elicit, Lace.] To give delight to; to affect with great pleasure; to please highly; as, a beautiful landscape delights the eye; harmony delights the ear.

Inventions to delight the taste.

Delight our souls with talk of knightly deeds.


Delighted \De*light"ed\, a. Endowed with delight.

If virtue no delighted beauty lack.

Syn: Glad; pleased; gratified. See Glad.

  1. 1 Greatly pleased. 2 Filled with wonder and delight. v

  2. (en-past of: delight)

  1. adj. greatly pleased

  2. filled with wonder and delight [syn: beguiled, captivated, charmed, enthralled, entranced]

Delighted (2016 film)

Delighted ( Eradtmand Nazanin Bahareh Tina) is a 2016 Iranian drama film written and directed by Abdolreza Kahani, starring Mahnaz Afshar, Tannaz Tabatabaei, Aida Mahiani, Mehran Ghafourian and Sahar Dolatshahi. It focuses on the Iranian Nouveau riches and Tehran rich kids. Main characters are 3 young girls, who take advantage of their rich friends.

Usage examples of "delighted".

Lydia, delighted at the prospect of champagne which she is now old enough to share, bursts out singing: the one with the whisky voice and the dotty accordeon accompaniment .

Greeting Adams affably, Herschel was delighted to talk of his work, and Adams returned to Grosvenor Square elated.

He was at first surprised, then delighted, when a tall, skinny agrobiologist named Taylor Hollister became his first and only real friend at the university.

She, who was happy and in high spirits, answered in Italian, and delighted them by her intelligence, and the grace which she gave to her mistakes in grammar.

I am not sorry to know that you love one another and that you make each other happy, as this beautiful casino proves to me, she does not regret our love, and she is, on the contrary, delighted to shew us that she approves of it.

He was delighted when he woke from his first sleep on Aranea and saw the stuff as covered with cobwebs as though it had been a hundred years in a cellar.

This cut the ground from under the feet of his detractors, for in a town of the calibre of Asuncion the people looked on a service in a church as a welcome means of getting through the day, and had he celebrated a dozen masses they would but have been more delighted with their new Bishop.

Faith in New Zealand, he is always delighted to hear from Auckland and especially yourself and your promising Assembly there.

Guardian wishes me to express his loving thanks for your letter of the third instant, enclosing the half-yearly reports of the Perth and Auckland Spiritual Assemblies, all of which he has been delighted to read.

ULYSSES: Delighted with the Bacchic drink he goes To call his brother Cyclops--who inhabit A village upon Aetna not far off.

Ferdy raced in a quick delighted circle, but somehow Barong persuaded him to contain his excitement.

Observing that she delighted in music, he betook himself to the study of that art, and, by dint of application and a tolerable ear, learned of himself to accompany her with a German flute, while she sung and played upon the harpsichord.

He gave Bets the silver propelling-pencil and she was really delighted.

Beaten at every turn, the followers of Bharata Rahon were forced to accept the inevitable, while those who had hated him were secretly delighted now that they were assured that both the Princess and the King had vouched for this strange warrior.

But his own voice had sounded hollow in his ears as he reassured the small reticent man that he was delighted at the opportunity to go to Bihar, but needed the weekend to think things over.