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The DelFly is a fully controllable camera-equipped flapping wing Micro Air Vehicle or Ornithopter developed at the Micro Air Vehicle Lab of the Delft University of Technology in collaboration with Wageningen University.

The DelFly project focuses on fully functioning systems and follows a top-down approach toward ever smaller and more autonomous flapping wing MAVs.

The DelFly Micro with its 10 cm wing span and 3.07 grams is the smallest free flying controllable flapping wing MAV equipped with a camera and video transmitter. A hobbyist from Albany NY, build an even smaller flapping wing MAV of 920 mg and just 60mm wing span, which is the worlds smallest free flying flapper till date.

The 28 centimeter 16 gram DelFly II was capable of vertical take-off and landing and demonstrated simplified forms of autonomous flight, mainly using off-board processing.

The DelFly Explorer measures 28 centimeter while weighing 20 grams and is equipped with a miniature stereo vision system for autonomous flight in buildings.