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n. (context cant English) sword.


Degen is a village in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. It lies at an altitude of 4,795 metres (15,734 feet). The village has a population of about 42.

Degen (SS)

The SS-Ehrendegen, also SS-Degen (officially Ehrendegen Reichsführer-SS), was a straight saber or sword, especially of the dress sword worn with a Schutzstaffel (SS) uniform from 1935 until 1945.

First introduced in 1935, it was designed by Professor Karl Diebitsch, an SS- Oberführer, who was also Heinrich Himmler's personal referent on all art and design within the SS. The degen was originally manufactured by the Peter Dan. Krebs firm of Solingen, Germany. Later degens were manufactured by Paul Müller at Dachau and by Puma of Solingen.

Degen (surname)

Degen is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Wilhelm Degen III (born 1964) German engineer
  • Philipp Degen (born 1983), Swiss footballer
  • Bruce Degen (born 1945), American author and illustrator
  • David Degen (born 1983), Swiss footballer
  • Paul Degen (1941–2007), Swiss artist
  • Silvije Degen (born 1942), Croatian politician
  • Kurt Degen, movie poster artist
  • Árpád Degen, Hungarian biologist and botanist
  • Bob Degen (born 1944), American jazz pianist
  • Jürgen Degen (born 1967), German footballer

Usage examples of "degen".

Meende je nou werkelijk dat uitgerekend jij, van al degenen die zijn uitgezonden, de enige was die zijn geloof in God was kwijtgeraakt?

Its only drawback was that, once harvested, it had to be processed quickly or it degener ated into a useless slime.

Much to the concern of the SUB, Tex was massively armed at all times, on the theory that you never knew when degens might come and shoot up the clinic looking for purer highs.