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N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide, also called DEET or diethyltoluamide, is the most common active ingredient in insect repellents. It is a slightly yellow oil intended to be applied to the skin or to clothing, and provides protection against mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, chiggers, leeches, and many biting insects.

Usage examples of "deet".

Joe Deets had predicted the problem halfway through the party given by the Meadows family in the main lounge of the Manse a week after Rolf Wintergarten had brought his bride into the community, some three years after his childless wife, Angela, had died of electrocution when a sudden southern thunderstorm had draped live wires across her Mustang.

Six By nine-thirty on that Sunday evening, the Reverend Joseph Deets was reclining in familiar and delicious comfort in the small living room of his bachelor house in the Meadows Settlements at 11 Zedekiah Lane.

He thought of the casual sinning committed with apparent unconcern by John Tinker Meadows and Joseph Deets, and he tried to convince himself that their sins, because there was no repentance or atonement, were greater than his own.

This time there was a seventeen-minute hiatus between the high-speed passage of the pretty little Purves girl and the slow descent of Deets.

I was in a Surrey mansion waiting for who-knew-what in connection with the Deets affair.

I saw it was only Cap Deets, the night patrolman, in one of the city cars.

I looked nervously behind me and down the intersecting streets, watching for Cap Deets on his patrol.

Holmes had cabled ahead, alerting Deets of my arrival, and the same carriage and driver, Alfred, awaited me at the Litchfield station.

Deets role in the library had begun as applied research--joining the library staff in order to confirm her theory of community formation.

He couldn't see him because it was dark, and of course Deets was dark, but he lost the floating feeling and walked easier, though he was a little scared.

Deets was the best horse doctor in the outfit, though Po Campo was also good.

All that the indexers did, Deet was a part of it, and therefore Deet had done it.

I was just willing the mozzies to try to take a bite out of me now I was 95 percent pure deet, but they seemed to know better.

Even Gus was quick to admit that Deets had the best hearing in the outfit, although Deets himself claimed to rely just as much on his sense of smell--a claim Augustus poked fun at.

The sun was just easing down toward the Western horizon, the builbats were dipping toward the stone stock tank that Deets and the Captain had built long ago.