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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dees \Dees\, n. A dais. [Obs.]


Dees \Dees\ (d[=e]s), n. pl. Dice. [Obs.]


n. 1 (plural of dee English), the name of the letter D. 2 Something shaped like the letter D. 3 (context colloquial English) Police '''de'''tectives.


Dees may refer to:

  • Plural of Dee
  • Bill Dees (1939 – 2012), American musician
  • Rick Dees (born 1950), American comedic performer, entertainer, and radio personality
    • Rick Dees Weekly Top 40
  • Morris Dees (born 1936), co-founder and chief trial counsel for the Southern Poverty Law Center
  • Tony Dees (born 1963), American hurdler
  • Sam Dees (born 1945), American soul singer, songwriter and producer
  • Archie Dees (born 1936),American professional basketball player
  • James Parker Dees (1915 – 1990), American founder and first bishop of the Anglican Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Anglican Communion
  • Benny Dees (born 1936), American college basketball coach
  • Julie Dees, also known as Julie McWhirter (born 1947) American voice actress
  • Charlie Dees (born 1935), American professional baseball player
  • Dick Dees (born 1944), Dutch politician
  • Mary Dees(1911 — 2004), American stage and screen actress
  • Bob Dees (1929 – 1997), American professional football player
  • Aron Dees, American country singer
  • William J. Dees, English boxer
  • Robert F. Dees (born 1950), United States Army Brigadier General and Major General
  • Dees, Illinois
  • Dickinson Dees, British law firm
  • Larsen v Rick Dees Ltd, 2007 New Zealand Supreme Court case

Usage examples of "dees".

It had taken him longer than Walker Boh, but he had come to recognize that Dees was a thorough professional, better at what he did than anyone the Highlander had ever encountered.

After all, what did they know about Dees beyond what he had told them?

But Quickening had assured him in that way she had of dispelling all doubt that Horner Dees was the man they needed.

For all of his gruff talk and his grizzled look, Horner Dees knew what he was doing.

Walker, Morgan, and Pe Ell gathered together the foodstuffs, bedding, canvases, ropes, climbing tools, cooking implements, clothing, and survival gear that Dees had sent them to find.

They brought everything to an old stable situated at the north end of Rampling Steep, a building that seemed to serve Dees as both workshop and home.

Horner Dees to contend with as well, and there was something about this old man that bothered Pe Ell.

For as he considered the irritating presence of Dees and the others, he began to think that he understood their purpose.

The others, Dees included, were so much kindling to be thrown into the fire.

He worked diligently at the tasks Horner Dees gave him to aid in outfitting the little company for its journey north, trying a little harder most times than the others.

He had caught the hesitation in the look Horner Dees gave Pe Ell - just a hint of recognition.

Horner Dees set a steady pace, but the company could not travel rapidly while afoot and with mules in tow, and progress was slow.

Through it all Horner Dees remained steady and certain, a great shaggy presence they quickly learned to rely upon.

The storm came on them so quickly that even Dees was caught by surprise.

Even Dees, who had shown himself to be the most durable among them, was beginning to tire.