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dee \dee\ (d[=e]), n. (Physics) an electrode with a large interior cavity, shaped like the letter "D", used in opposed pairs to accelerate particles in a cyclotron.


n. 1 A river in Scotland that flows about 145 km (90 mi) from the Cairngorm Mountains to the North Sea at Aberdeen. 2 A river in Wales and England that flows about 113 km (70 mi) from Snowdonia to the Irish Sea near Liverpool. 3 A female given name, short for names beginning with a "D".


Dee is the phonetic pronunciation of the letter D in American English. It is the 4th letter in the English alphabet.

Dee may also refer to:

Dee (singer)

Dee (born Martin Granger) is an electro-pop dance-rock Canadian singer, songwriter, disc jockey, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and remixer.

Dee was born in Montreal and raised in Welland, Ontario and Aylmer, Quebec. He moved back to Montreal at the age of eighteen. In 1998, he became the leader of The Urbanauts; they released the album Stereotonic in 1999. The Urbanauts were nominated for Best Pop Artist at the Montreal Independent Music Awards (MIMI's), but disbanded in 2001. Dee released a five-song EP in 2002. In 2004, Dee and his band members Martin Shank and Reda Enan appeared and performed the song "Slapped" in the film CQ2 directed by Carole Laure.

In 2005, alongside Kid Loco, Sixtoo, Ariane Moffatt, and DJ Champion, Dee remixed a song on the album Jaune 2005 to commemorate the thirty-fifth anniversary of the release of the classic French-Canadian album Jaune by Jean-Pierre Ferland. Also in 2005, five songs by Dee were featured in the soundtrack of the French-Canadian indie film Horloge biologique (Dodging the Clock) directed by Ricardo Trogi.

Dee released his first album in 2006 on the Canadian indie label La Tribu. Some songs on the album features the voice of female singer Mel, a close collaborator. He also released a song and music video entitled Lonelygirl on the web in 2006. The song is a tribute to or parody of the lonelygirl15 phenomenon, and the music video was shot in an exact replica of the lonelygirl15 bedroom. The video was added on November 9, 2006, and eventually featured on the front page of YouTube on February 26, 2007.

A song by Dee called "Miles and Miles", whose lyrics include the line "I like to live on the edge", was in late 2006, the theme song of Ford's marketing campaign for the crossover Ford Edge. The campaign featured emerging performers and musical celebrities, including Beyoncé, Kelis, and Funkmaster Flex.

Dee and his band have performed at various venues and music festivals in Canada over the years, including Montreal Jazz Fest, North by Northeast, Canadian music week, Mont-Tremblant Music Symposium, Divers/Cité, Quebec City Summer Festival, and more.

"After a stint as a guest musician in Cirque du Soleil’s 2011 summer production of Kingdom of Tin in Quebec City, DEE returned to the studio to begin a new creative cycle. The fruit of that effort is the concept album The Space Between Us, whose narrative evokes the interstellar expanse between an astronaut on a mission and his fiancée back on Earth. Evidently, the time has come for DEE to launch into the stratosphere. The Space Between Us [was released] November 18th 2014."

Usage examples of "dee".

A hogshead of ale was abroach under an oak, and a fire was blazing in an open space before the trees to roast the fat deer which the foresters brought.

Tapirs, deer, agouti and other game fell before his arrows, until he had accumulated enough to supply the cabin for weeks to come.

With a deer rib bone whose end she had hollowed out to make a small depression, she fed him the agrimony concentration in small sips sometime near midnight.

Startled, the deer sprang away on slender legs and Alec set off to see what he could forage.

Again the swift coureurs de bois, half-savage in their ambassadorship of the woods, follow the traces of the most ancient roadmakers, the buffalo and deer, and the voyageurs carry their boats across the portage places.

There was always deer sausage on the stove, and a gumbo full of oysters, shrimp, crabmeat, chicken, Andouille sausage would brim green bubbling.

I hae a deer I gie them twa shots, ane for the deer and ane for mysell.

I finished mounting antennas, rain gauge, wind vane, and anemometer on the roof of our control tower, it looked more like some scientific outpost than a deer blind.

A deer is seen in Tro-Cortesianus 92d seated on a mat opposite a female figure in the same manner as the armadillo on the same page and a dog on the preceding page.

Mai, they herded cattle on the grasslands and pigs in the patches of woodland that stood between the fields, and the young men of the tribe hunted boar and deer and aurochs and bear and wolf in the wild woods that had now been pressed back beyond the temples.

Frequently, too, snares for deer are set in suitable places along the barrier, and while the snares are made of babiche the loops are kept open with blades of grass.

Amalfi and Hazleton were staring at Dee, Amalfi with suspicion, Hazleton with bafflement and a little hurt.

In the distance, she saw several on the river fishing, while two more crossed the bateau bridge, carrying a slain deer on a pole between them.

And pathos and bathos delightful to see, And chop and change ribs, a-la-mode Germanorum, And high diddle ho diddle, pop tweedle dee.

On the dais was a throne of carven ivory, and above it a canopy of baudekin of the goodliest fashion, and there was a foot-carpet before it, wrought with beasts and the hunting of the deer.