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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dede \Dede\, a. Dead. [Obs.]

Dedé (footballer, born 1978)

Leonardo de Deus Santos (born 18 April 1978), known as Dedé, is a retired Brazilian professional footballer who played as either a left back or midfielder, and the current assistant coach at Turkish club Eskişehirspor.

He played 13 years of his career with Borussia Dortmund, appearing in more than 400 official games and winning two Bundesliga championships.


Dede the centreback, DeDe, Dedé or Dédé may refer to:

Dede (religious figure)

A dede is a socio-religious leader in the islamic Alevi and non-islamic Ishiki community. The institution of dede is the most important of all the institutions integral to the social and religious organization of the Anatolian Alevis. Although much weakened as a result of the socio-economic transformation experienced in Anatolia towards the end of the nineteenth century, and particularly due to accelerated migration from the rural to the urban areas after the foundation of the Republic of Turkey, it played a primary role in the survival of Alevism until today.

The institution of dedes is based on a three tiered hierarchy:

  1. Murshid
  2. Pir
  3. Rehber

In some regions this hierarchy is modified in such a way that the Pir and Murshid change places. This is exclusively a functional hierarchy, as all involved come from a dede family. They fulfill functions that are complementary in nature, and would be meaningless in isolation from each other. The dede families, all of them called ocakzâdes, have distributed these duties among themselves.

An Alevi dede focusses on the islamic mystic teachings of the Twelve Imams, the Buyruks (mainly the Imam Câfer-i Sadık Buyruğu) and Haji Bektash Veli. An Ishiki dede focusses more on esoteric beliefs and teaches that traditions and ceremonies in Alevism are pre-Islamic, coming from the religions of the Hittites and Sumerians, rejecting many teachings from Islam.

Dedé (Angolan footballer)

Adérito Waldemar Alves de Carvalho (born 4 July 1981 in Lobito), commonly known as Dédé, is an Angolan professional footballer who plays for S.L. Benfica (Luanda) as a midfielder.

Dédé (1989 film)

Dédé is a 1989 French film by Jean-Louis Benoît.

Dédé (opérette)

Dédé is an opérette or musical comedy in three acts with music by Henri Christiné and a French libretto by Albert Willemetz. It marked an important milestone in developing the career of Maurice Chevalier.

Dédé (1935 film)

Dédé is a 1935 French comedy film directed by René Guissart, based on the operetta Dédé by Albert Willemetz, and starring Danielle Darrieux, Albert Préjean and Mireille Perrey. The music is by Henri Christiné.

Dede (band)

DEDE is an American dream pop and post-rock duo formed in 2009 in Brooklyn, NY, consisting of singer and Wisconsin native Deanne Reynolds (born 24 August 1985) and Seattle native Tim K (Tim Kvasnosky). Their music was featured in a psychedelic national Friskies commercial the aired initially during the Winter Olympics of 2010.

Dedé (footballer, born 1988)

Anderson Vital da Silva (born July 1, 1988 in Volta Redonda), also known as Dedé, is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a centre back or sweeper for Cruzeiro and the Brazilian national football team.

Dedé (footballer, born 1987)

Derivaldo Beserra Cavalcante, known as Dedé, (born 31 May 1987, in Fortaleza) is a Brazilian footballer. He currently plays for Santa Cruz.

Dede (artist)

Dede is the pseudo name of an Israeli graffiti artist who began displaying works on the streets of Tel Aviv in 2006. Also known as Dede Bandaid, Dede’s work is well known for his widespread use of images of band-aids.

Usage examples of "dede".

Looke who that is moost vertuous alway, Pryvee and apert, and moost entendeth ay To do the gentil dedes that he kan, Taak hym for the grettest gentil-man.

Nat fully quyke, ne fully dede they were, But by here cote-armures, and by hir gere, The heraudes knewe hem best, in special, As they that weren of the blood roial Of Thebes, and of sustren two yborn.

And whan it fil that he myghte hire espye, He noght with wantowne lookyng of folye Hise eyen caste on hir, but in sad wyse, Upon hir chiere he wolde hym ofte avyse, Commendynge in his herte hir wommanhede And eek hir vertu, passynge any wight Of so yong age, as wel in chiere as dede.

Thenne he carped to the kny3t, criande loude, "Yghe han demed to do the dede that I bidde.

That lord is now of Thebes the Citee, Fulfild of ire and of iniquitee, He, for despit and for his tirannye, To do the dede bodyes vileynye, Of alle oure lordes, whiche that been slawe, He hath alle the bodyes on an heep ydrawe, And wol nat suffren hem, by noon assent, Neither to been yburyed nor ybrent, But maketh houndes ete hem in despit.

To ransake in the taas of bodyes dede, Hem for to strepe of harneys and of wede, The pilours diden bisynesse and cure, After the bataille and disconfiture.

It is al baudy and to-tore also, Why is thy lord so sluttissh, I the preye, And is of power bettre clooth to beye, If that his dede accorde with thy speche?

Eek Plato seith, who so kan hym rede, The wordes moote be cosyn to the dede.

And thus withinne a while his name is spronge Bothe of hise dedes and his goode tonge, That Theseus hath taken hym so neer That of his chambre he made hym a Squier, And gaf hym gold to mayntene his degree.

Greet wonder is how that he koude or myghte Be domesman of hir dede beautee.

Dede was a freewoman of color and a food peddler by trade who sold her wares near the Cabildo next to the Cathedral and in Place d'Armes.

Another of Marie Laveau's predecessors was the queen called Sanite Dede, who was influential from the time of the Louisiana Purchase until Laveau's ascendance in the 1820s and '30s.