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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Decade \Dec"ade\, n. [F. d['e]cade, L. decas, -adis, fr. Gr. ?, fr. de`ka ten. See Ten.] A group or division of ten; esp., a period of ten years; a decennium; as, a decade of years or days; a decade of soldiers; the second decade of Livy. [Written also decad.]

During this notable decade of years.


n. (archaic form of decade English)

Decad (Sumerian texts)

The Decad is a name given to a standard sequence of ten scribal training compositions in ancient Sumer.

Usage examples of "decad".

Or perhaps there is one monad for each member, or a monad for the first, with a dyad for its next, since there exists a series, and a corresponding number for every successive total, decad for ten, and so on.

It might be suggested that a dyad is that thing--or rather what is observed upon that thing--which has two powers combined, a compound thing related to a unity: or numbers might be what the Pythagoreans seem to hold them in their symbolic system in which Justice, for example, is a Tetrad: but this is rather to add the number, a number of manifold unity like the decad, to the multiplicity of the thing which yet is one thing.

Granted, then, that there exist, apart from things, a unity absolute and a decad absolute in other words, that the Intellectual beings, together with their characteristic essence have also their order, Henads, Dyads, Triads, what is the nature of these numerical entities and how does it come into being?

Where lies the need of decad to a thing which, by totalling to that power, is decad already?

They took him about with them, and within three decads he learned more about Abbenay than he had in a year.

Sabul kept it for a decad, two decads, three decads, and said nothing about it.

Shevek located the very small bed, which had been standing ready in the corner for four decads, and the infant in it Somehow in this extreme rush of events the midwife had found time to clean the infant and even put a gown on it, so that it was not so fishlike and slippery as when he had seen it first.

I came back here, and I do this run every three decads year in year out through this same desert where you cant tell one sandhill from the next and it's all the same for three thousand kilos whichever way you look, and go home to the same partner—and I never been bored once.

You'd been talking for decads about suggesting in PDC that somebody might go to Unas, just to shock them.

I speak of great forces, forces which your few decads of soldiers could not withstand for an instant.

Small fierce men with bright red slan and long arms and legs, some on foot, some on horse, three or four decads of them.

Prefect Corin might think him young, but he had already killed a man in close combat, and had had more adventures in the past two decads than most people could expect in a lifetime.

Our hours, decads, and centads are approximately eighty-five percent of standard.

She looked at the six decads of thralls who had gathered around her, allowing scorn to darken her small, triangular face.

The clients have to submit their questions two decads in advance of the ceremony, which gives him plenty of time to research them.