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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Margaret Whigham was the most celebrated deb of 1930.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

slang shortening of debutante, by 1920.


n. Abbreviated form of the female given name Deborah.


n. a young woman making her debut into society [syn: debutante]

Deb (file format)

deb is the extension of the Debian software package format and the most often used name for such binary packages.


Deb or DEB may refer to:

  • deb (file format), a software package format used by the Debian project
  • Deb (surname)
  • Deb (given name)
  • A débutante
  • Dynamic energy budget
  • Debrecen International Airport IATA airport code
  • Deb Shops, a defunct American retail clothing chain
  • The second album by Souad Massi
  • DEB, the abbreviation for Epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica
  • Digital Economy Bill 2016–17, a bill of the Parliament of the United Kingdom
  • DEB, the abbreviation for the German Ice Hockey Federation (Deutscher Eishockey Bund)
  • Diepoxybutane, an industrial chemical
  • New South Wales 900/800 class railcar a type of railcar operated in New South Wales, Australia known as DEB sets
Deb (given name)

Deb is a given name, usually feminine and often a shortened version ( hypocorism) of Deborah or Debra.

People named Deb include:

Deb (surname)

Deb is a surname that occurs in several cultures, including India. It may refer to:

  • Amiya Deb (1917–1983), Indian sportsman
  • Ashutosh Deb (1803–1856), Indian musician and writer
  • Chittaranjan Deb (1924–2010), Indian writer
  • Debbie Deb (born 1966), American singer
  • Gautam Deb (born 1954), Indian politician
  • Goutam Deb (born 1959), Indian politician
  • Joy Deb (born 1979), Swedish songwriter
  • Kalyanmoy Deb (born 1964), Indian computer scientist
  • Linnea Deb (born 1977), Swedish actress
  • Nabakrishna Deb (1733–1797), Indian political leader
  • Radhakanta Deb (1784–1867), Indian scholar
  • Raja Narayan Deb, Indian composer
  • Samar Deb (born 1963), Indian writer
  • Siddhartha Deb (born 1970), Indian author
  • Sib Chandra Deb (1811–1890), Indian civil servant
  • Tathoi Deb (born 1996), Indian actress
  • Trisha Deb (born 1991), Indian archer

Usage examples of "deb".

In the first two hours after their escape they had made good progress on the way to London, un pursued Every now and then, Deb had led into a covert and sat Cec down on a log or stone, and pushed herself through the thickest to observe the road and listen.

Except for the coquelicot ribbons and that towering headdress, she was again his own dear Deb, and he spent a blissful half-hour, walking with her down the many paths of the gardens, and telling her how much he loved her.

Later that same day, Deb was still so indignant about the cavalier treatment she had received at the hands of her injured duelist that while watching the minuets at the Assembly Room ball she was seen to openly scowl, a most unladylike expression opinioned the sticklers of Bath society, but to be excused in a Cavendish heiress worth not a guinea less than fifty thousand pounds.

Immediately, Deb stepped into the light without giving her wounded duelist a response and met Robert Thesiger halfway, eager that he should not find her conversing with a stranger in the shadows.

Deb slowly turned from the window and came face to face with her injured duelist, dressed for riding in thigh tight buff breeches, dark blue riding frockcoat with embroidered cuffs and highly polished jockey boots.

Deb interrupted, not looking at her injured duelist for he was smiling at her in that way that made her feel ridiculously happy.

Deb prodded gently, an eye on her injured duelist who was frowning, paused in mid-slice with knife and apple.

Deb, but with a quick look at Martin who had turned to give Fibber directions for the disposal of the bags and trunks and to see that a bath was drawn for the Marchioness.

He kissed her hand and left her to Martin, while Fibber followed him to the dining room, Martin taking the Marchioness up to the suite of rooms she had occupied the first night of her marriage, and with apologies for not being able to provide her with a female attendant, but as Deb pointed out, she had not had the benefit of her maid for two months now, save for a girl from the local village coming each day to help her with her hair and her dress, that she was quite used to doing most things for herself.

Early next morning, Fibber directed Deb to the terrace where Martin sat with his morning coffee perusing a London newssheet.

She wetted and she fanned, turn and turn about with Deb, the livelong day, without freshening the dead air that soaked the house and seemed to soak the world.

Left Social Democrats of Sweden, the Revolutionary Social Democracy of Switzerland and Italy, the followers of Maclean in England, of Debs in America, of Loriot in France.

Sergeant Stephen Odum, Sergeant Michael Holland, police officer Joe Anderson, and to fellow writers, Susan Domingos, Elaine Avila, David Wimsett, Valerie Perry, Deb Cooksey, Diane Holt, Barbara Mchugh, Eric Roher, Marilyn Day, Heather King, John Meeker, Leon Tsao, Paul Diebels, Carl Gonser, Stephen Linsley, Annagret Ogden, Donna Gillespie, Donal Brown, Bruce Hartford, Bob Hunt, Brad Newsham and Leigh Anne Varney.

It was Monkey, and Frenchie climbed from his Stude, pulling at his chinos, wanting to look cool for the debs clustered around the many cars in the field.

Here was the man in the pictures we had found on the webcam, the man both Deb and I had thought might very well be me.