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DDA may refer to:

  • Dda (DNA-dependent ATPase), a DNA helicase
  • Delhi Development Authority, the planning agency for Delhi, India
  • Demand deposit account, a bank account with funds available on demand
  • Digital differential analyzer, a digital implementation of a differential analyzer
  • Digital differential analyzer (graphics algorithm), a method of drawing lines on a computer screen
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Australian legislation
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1995, UK legislation
  • Discontinuous Deformation Analysis, an analysis procedure used in physics and engineering
  • Discrete dipole approximation, method for computing scattering of radiation by particles of arbitrary shape
  • Division on Dynamical Astronomy, a branch of the American Astronomical Society
  • Doha Development Agenda of the World Trade Organization
  • Dual Dynamic Acceleration, an Intel technology for increasing single-threaded performance on multi-core processors
  • Dutch Dakota Association, a Dutch organisation dedicated to preserving and operating classic aircraft
  • Dynamic difficulty adjustment or dynamic game difficulty balancing, a method of automatically adjusting video game difficulty based on player ability
  • Deputy District Attorney
  • Deception Detection Accuracy, the study of Emotional Intelligence and the accuracy of deception detection
Dda (DNA-dependent ATPase)

Dda (short for DNA-dependent ATPase; also known as Dda helicase and Dda DNA helicase) is the 439- amino acid 49,897- atomic mass unit protein coded by the Dda gene of the bacteriophage T4 phage, a virus that infects enterobacteria.