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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A group of whirligig beetles span round and round on the surface of the water putting me in a daze.
▪ After she had put the phone down, she felt in a daze.
▪ Bellamy was shaking his head in a daze.
▪ Claudia followed him in a daze.
▪ In a kind of distracted daze, she stood on the sidelines as the police arrived and started asking questions.
▪ Jenna lay in a daze, her whole being shaken.
▪ Right now I feel more happy, more satisfied than in any post-coital daze.
▪ Wynne-Jones stood as if in a daze.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Daze \Daze\ (d[=a]z), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Dazed (d[=a]zd); p. pr. & vb. n. Dazing.] [OE. dasen, prob. from Icel. dasask to become weary, a reflexive verb; cf. Sw. dasa to lie idle, and OD. daesen to be foolish, insane, daes, dwaes, D. dwaas, foolish, insane, AS. dw[=ae]s, dysig, stupid. [root]71. Cf. Dizzy, Doze.] To stupefy with excess of light; with a blow, with cold, or with fear; to confuse; to benumb.

While flashing beams do daze his feeble eyen.

Such souls, Whose sudden visitations daze the world.
--Sir H. Taylor.

He comes out of the room in a dazed state, that is an odd though a sufficient substitute for interest.


Daze \Daze\, n.

  1. The state of being dazed; as, he was in a daze. [Colloq.]

  2. (Mining) A glittering stone.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., dasen, perhaps from Old Norse *dasa (compare dasask "to become weary," with reflexive suffix -sk). Or perhaps from Middle Dutch dasen "act silly." Perhaps originally "to make weary with cold," which is the sense of Icelandic dasask (from the Old Norse word). Related: Dazed.


"a dazed condition," 1825, from daze (v.).


n. 1 The state of being dazed; 2 (context mining English) A glittering stone. vb. To stupefy with excess of light; with a blow, with cold, or with fear; to confuse; to benumb.

  1. n. the feeling of distress and disbelief that you have when something bad happens accidentally; "his mother's deathleft him in a daze"; "he was numb with shock" [syn: shock, stupor]

  2. confusion characterized by lack of clarity [syn: fog, haze]

  3. v. to cause someone to lose clear vision, especially from intense light; "She was dazzled by the bright headlights" [syn: dazzle, bedazzle]

  4. overcome as with astonishment or disbelief; "The news stunned her" [syn: stun, bedaze]


Daze may refer to:

  • Daze (comics), a fictional character who appeared in Marvel Comics' MC2 series J2
  • Daze (band), a Eurodance band
  • Daze, Burkina Faso, a village in Tenkodogo Department, Boulgou, Burkina Faso
  • Dazexiang (lit. Great Swamp Village), a village in Anhui, China, the place of the Dazexiang Uprising in 209 BCE
  • Éric Dazé (born 1975), Canadian ice hockey winger
Daze (band)

Daze is a Danish Eurodance/ bubblegum dance band whose 1997 debut album Super Heroes became a double platinum international hit. The band is a trio composed of Lucas Sieber, Jesper Tønnov, and Trine Bix, and their style of "zany" "turbo-pop" music is compared to the Danish pop band Aqua. Super Heroes, initially published in Scandinavia by Sony Music, sold 31,000 copies on the release day and was later released in the United States by Columbia Records and in Non-Nordic global territories by Epic Records. Hit singles included " Superhero", "Tamogotchi" and "Toy Boy". In February 1998, Daze won the Danish Grammy Award for Best Dance Album of 1997. The single Superhero was nominated as 1997 Danish hit of the year by G.A.F.F.A. magazine. It was also very famous in Argentina during those years.

In 2012, Daze announced on their official Facebook page that their new single would be called "Fool Me". This was also confirmed by the website Bubblegum Dancer. On June 23, 2012, the new single was released to digital music stores such as iTunes and Spotify in Europe along with an extended mix. It also features Daze's original band logo that was dropped after the release of "Super Heros" in the late 90s and replaced by the flame logo. An international release date is expected soon.

The band's music is inspired by Aqua, Dr. Alban and Herbie Crichlow.

In 2013, Daze competed in the Melodi Grand Prix selection in Denmark for a place in the Eurovision Song Contest with their song "We Own the Universe".

Usage examples of "daze".

Dazed from the dreamlike state, I was quickly brought back to reality when Adeem started screaming in pain.

Nysander shouted the command, and the stag form shifted and dissolved, leaving Alec in a dazed heap on the grass.

Blinking slowly, his worn gentle face turned stony, the Wan searched the dazed faces of the Amar until he saw the one he wanted.

For months, Dornan had been having god knows what nightmares about Tammy maybe sitting in seven separate garbage bags in a ditch alongside some dirt road in Alabama, or getting married to a red-haired, pompous psychologist, or wandering New York in an amnesiac daze.

Her dazed aquamarine eyes wide above her spread fingertips connected with his spectacular dark golden gaze.

Surrounding Atene, they led her from the Sanctuary, accompanied by her uncle the Shaman, who, as it seemed to me, either through fatigue or fear, could scarcely stand upon his feet, but stood blinking his dim eyes as though the light dazed him.

Still half dazed, he found himself trying to start the motor, wondering if Brye had put it out of commission.

The smoke choked them, the sweat ran into their eyes, and the gunfire deafened and dazed them.

I was still dazed, staring about me at the shambles we had created when Chubby reached me.

Dazed and bruised, nevertheless she recovered first, and, picking up the cosh which he had dropped, she hurled it over the tops of the nearest trees.

The others were dazed at first, but as remembrance came back to them they cried and sobbed in a hysterical manner.

And in the end I went, wet, hatless, and dazed in the morning light, and entered that awful door in Benefit Street which I had left ajar, and which still swung cryptically in full sight of the early householders to whom I dared not speak.

In spite of their placid, dazed, beatific smiles and grimaces, they were a kind of curious sadness, in their weird, bright patterns of love-paint on the scrawn of flesh, in their protest bangles and their disaffiliated bells, crushing the flower blossoms in a dreamy imitation of adult acts that for them had all been bleached of any significance or purpose.

The daze was lifting from Edh, but unearthliness brimmed the hazel eyes.

She was spellbound, rooted to the spot, dazed by the sight of the unconscious expellees in the eerie green subdued lights of the enormous hold.