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Dax or DAX may refer to:

Dax (Star Trek)

Dax is a character in the fictional Star Trek universe. It is a Trill symbiont—a life form that lives inside humanoid hosts. The first appearance of a Trill was in the episode "The Host" from the fourth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation; in that early version, the personality of the being was entirely that of Odan, the symbiont within the host, whereas the personalities of the Trills in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine are a blending of the symbiont Dax and its sequential Trill hosts. Two of Dax's hosts, Jadzia Dax and Ezri Dax, appear as major characters in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Others are only seen in flashbacks and when taking over others' bodies in the DS9 season 3 episode "Facets". Dax's hosts also appear in spin-offs such as Star Trek: The Human Frontier and The Lives of Dax.

Throughout the franchise's timeline, Dax has been joined with four men and five women, living for more than three hundred years in total. Dax has been present for many important events in Star Trek history, such as the negotiation and signing of the Khitomer Accords (while joined with Curzon), the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole (while joined with Jadzia), and the end of the Dominion War (while joined with Ezri).

Dax (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

__NOTOC__ "Dax" is the eighth episode of the science fiction television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

DAX (application)

DAX is a cloud based Software as a Service production workflow application used by the television and film industries for media production and digital asset management. The name DAX is derived from "Digital Asset Exchange," and was first registered as a trademark by Sample Digital Holdings, LLC., the name by which the company that developed and provided the technology was known until 2012. Acquired in April, 2014 by Prime Focus Technologies, the company's North American operation is headquartered in Culver City, California. Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), the technology subsidiary of Prime Focus (BSE code: 532748), is a provider of cloud-based production workflow and media asset management applications to the entertainment industry.

The DAX software is used to collaborate on content created throughout the course of motion picture and television production, as well as for marketing and distribution of the final product. DAX is used for storage, review and distribution of digitized production elements, including video, audio, photography and documents such as screenplays, legal contracts, budgets, schedules and basic text documents, among other uses, according to the company's website.

The mobile application also adapts the technology to the industry's increasing global production methods.

The company owns several patents on the technology, including US Patent No: 7,660,416 and 8,218,764 for "System and Method for Media Content Collaboration Throughout a Media Production Process," and trademarks in addition to DAX, including Digital Dailies and iDailies, an application that allows video to be viewed on mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone.

DAX 4.0, released in April 2013 at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas earned the Studios Daily Prime Award for Ease of Use.