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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dawsonite \Daw"son*ite\, n. [Named after J. W. Dawson of Montreal.] (Min.) A hydrous carbonate of alumina and soda, occuring in white, bladed crustals.


n. (context mineral English) An orthorhombic mineral composed of sodium aluminium carbonate hydroxide.


Dawsonite is a mineral composed of sodium aluminium carbonate hydroxide, chemical formula NaAlCO(OH). It crystallizes in the orthorhombic crystal system. It is not mined for ore. It was discovered in 1874 during the construction of the Redpath Museum in a feldspathic dike on the campus of McGill University on the Island of Montreal, Canada. It is named after geologist Sir John William Dawson (1820–1899).

The type material is preserved in the collection of the Redpath Museum.

Usage examples of "dawsonite".

It fuels the street scuffles between gangs of youths from Dawsonite and anti-Dawsonite neighborhoods, and between heathens and Christians, that are a regular part of the annual buildup to St.

He passes this on, and he and Annie's group set off at a fast pace, cutting through some backstreets to where a dozen heathen road workers are awaiting them, resting casually on their picks and shovels at a junction, and just as casually eyeing up a small but militant fundamentalist congregation massed in a side street with placards denouncing heathens, sodomites, and Dawsonites.