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Dawes -- U.S. County in Nebraska
Population (2000): 9060
Housing Units (2000): 4004
Land area (2000): 1396.240702 sq. miles (3616.246664 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 4.617100 sq. miles (11.958234 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1400.857802 sq. miles (3628.204898 sq. km)
Located within: Nebraska (NE), FIPS 31
Location: 42.726836 N, 103.155107 W
Dawes, NE
Dawes County
Dawes County, NE
Dawes (lunar crater)

Dawes is a lunar impact crater, named after William Rutter Dawes, and which is located in the wide straight between Mare Serenitatis and Mare Tranquilitatis. To the southwest is the larger crater Plinius. To the northeast is the Mons Argaeus mountain rise.

This is a circular crater with a sharp rim that has a slightly flattened oval perimeter. It has a slight central rise, and a somewhat darker floor that is nearly covered in overlapping swirl-like deposits. Much of the deposits are slumped or fall-back material. The inner walls are steep and free from impact erosion.

Detailed examination of this crater have located what appear to be alcoves and channels along the inner rim. It is hypothesized that micrometeorite impacts along the rim trigger dry landslides, which produce a gully-like appearance. A similar phenomenon may be responsible for gully-like features along the inner rim of some Martian craters.


Dawes may refer to:

Dawes (Martian crater)

Dawes Crater is located in the Sinus Sabaeus quadrangle of Mars, at . It is about in diameter, and was named after William R. Dawes, a British astronomer (1799–1868) who was ahead of his time in believing that Mars only had a thin atmosphere. Dawes presumed that the atmosphere of Mars was thin because surface markings on the planet could easily be seen.

Impact craters generally have a rim with ejecta around them, in contrast volcanic craters usually do not have a rim or ejecta deposits. As craters get larger (greater than 10 km in diameter) they usually have a central peak. The peak is caused by a rebound of the crater floor following the impact. Sometimes craters expose layers that were buried. Rocks from deep underground are tossed onto the surface. Hence, craters can show us what lies deep under the surface.

Dawes (band)

Dawes is an American folk-rock band from Los Angeles, California.

Dawes (surname)

Dawes is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert Dawes (1907–1973), English association footballer
  • Andrew Dawes (born 1940), Canadian violinist
  • Beman Gates Dawes (1870–1953), politician and oil executive who served two terms as a Republican Congressman from Ohio
  • Charles G. Dawes (1865–1951), banker, politician and 30th Vice President of the United States
  • Christie Dawes (born 1980), Australian wheelchair racer
  • Christopher Dawes (disambiguation), multiple people
  • David Dawes (born 1964), one of the founders of the XFree86 project
  • Dominique Dawes (born 1976), United States gymnast
  • Edward Dawes (died 1856), British Liberal Member of Parliament (MP) for the Isle of Wight 1851–1852
  • Eva Dawes (1912-2009), Canadian track and field athlete
  • Fred Dawes (1911–1989), English association footballer
  • Henry L. Dawes (1816-1903), United States Senator of Massachusetts, who sponsored the Dawes Act
  • Henry May Dawes (1877-1952), American businessman and banker from a prominent Ohio family
  • Ian Dawes (born 1963), former professional footballer
  • James W. Dawes (1844-1918), Republican Nebraska politician best known as the sixth governor of Nebraska
  • John Dawes (born 1940), Welsh rugby union player
  • Johnny Dawes (born 1964), British rock climber
  • Julian Dawes (born 1942), English composer
  • Karl Friedrich Griffin Dawes (1861-1941), Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party
  • Kwame Dawes (born 1962), poet, actor, editor, critic, musician and professor of English at the University of South Carolina in Columbia
  • Marylou Dawes (1933–2013), Canadian pianist
  • Melanie Dawes (born 1966), British economist and civil servant
  • Nigel Dawes (born 1985), Canadian ice hockey left winger
  • Richard Dawes (1708–1766), English classical scholar
  • Rufus Dawes (1838-1899), U.S. military officer in the American Civil War
  • Rufus C. Dawes (1867-1940), American businessman from a prominent Ohio family
  • Sophie Dawes, Baronne de Feuchères (c. 1795-1840), English-born adventuress best known as a mistress of Louis Henry II, Prince of Condé
  • Thomas Dawes (1731–1809), American soldier, colonel in the American Revolution
  • William Dawes (1745–1799), American activist in the American Revolution
  • William Dawes (bishop) (1671-1724), 3rd Baronet Dawes, bishop of Chester from 1708 to 1714
  • William Dawes (pioneer) (1762–1836), Australian pioneer and scientist
  • William Rutter Dawes (1799-1868), British astronomer

Usage examples of "dawes".

Miriam had sought her out because she had once been Spiral overseer at Jordan's, and because her husband, Baxter Dawes, was smith for the factory, making the irons for cripple instruments, and so on.

She saw him, whenever they spoke of Clara Dawes, rouse and get slightly angry.

Often, as he talked to Clara Dawes, came that thickening and quickening of his blood, that peculiar concentration in the breast, as if something were alive there, a new self or a new centre of consciousness, warning him that sooner or later he would have to ask one woman or another.

She thought it was all in the day's march -- it would have to come -- and Dawes -- well, a good many women would have given their souls to get him.

Paul often thought of Baxter Dawes, often wanted to get at him and be friends with him.

He knew that Dawes often thought about him, and that the man was drawn to him by some bond or other.

He hated Dawes, wished something could exterminate him at that minute.

He stepped quickly through the stile, and as Dawes was coming through after him, like a flash he got a blow in over the other's mouth.

He hung on to the bigger man like a wild cat, till at last Dawes fell with a crash, losing his presence of mind.

Pure instinct brought his hands to the man's neck, and before Dawes, in frenzy and agony, could wrench him free, he had got his fists twisted in the scarf and his knuckles dug in the throat of the other man.

And being in such a state of soul himself, he felt an almost painful nearness to Dawes, who was suffering and despairing, too.

The strong emotion that Dawes aroused in him, repressed, made him shiver.

But Dawes now carried himself quietly, seemed to yield himself, while Paul seemed to screw himself up.

And yet she watched him rather than Dawes, and it seemed as if their three fates lay in his hands.

He went out of here thinking Barton Dawes has lost a few cards out of his deck.