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a. (context Judaism English) religious rather than secular; observing Jewish customs

Dati (disambiguation)

There are several uses of the word Dati:

  • Cella Dati, a comune (municipality) in northern Italy
  • Leonardo Dati, an Italian friar and humanist (1360-1425)
  • Rachida Dati, a French right-wing woman politician, appointed Minister of Justice of France in 2007
  • Tulad Ng Dati, an album released by the Philippine rock band The Dawn
  • Datis, an admiral who served in the Persian Empire
  • Dati, a Hebrew term for an Orthodox Jew, mostly excluding Ultra-Orthodox Jews

Usage examples of "dati".

July, 1977, 1 was at the Schofeld Galleries, attending a Dati exhibition, when Lois Westerbrook .