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Dara (disambiguation)

Several places, people and other things have the name Dara, Daraa or Daras:

Dara (woreda)

Dara is one of the woredas in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region of Ethiopia. Part of the Sidama Zone, Dara is bordered on the south by the Gedeo Zone and on either side of it by the Oromia Region, on the northwest by Chuko, on the north by Aleta Wendo, and on the northeast by Hula. Towns in Dara include Kebado and Teferi Kela.

According to a 2004 report, Dara had 8 kilometers of asphalt road, 66 kilometers of all-weather roads and 16 kilometers of dry-weather roads, for an average road density of 369 kilometers per 1000 square kilometers.


Dara is a name with more than one origin.

Dara , also known as Gbaya-Dara, is a Central Sudan language of South Sudan. It is one of the Kresh Languages. Though it is commonly called Gbaya, it is not one of the Abaya languages, which are in the Ubangian family.

Dara is a gotra (clan) of certain jats found in India. Members of the Dara gotra are found mainly in Rajasthan (Majority), and Haryana in India.

DARA (international organization)

DARA is an independent, international organization based in Madrid, Spain. DARA was established in 2003 by Silvia Hidalgo to assess the impact of humanitarian aid and to make specific recommendations for changes in policies and practices. DARA has carried out evaluations in more than 60 crises countries for a variety of organizations including United Nations agencies, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the European Commission, governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). .

DARA is registered as in independent non-profit organization in Spain, has 501(c)(3) status in the United States and is recognized as an international organization in Switzerland.

Dara (Mesopotamia)

Dara or Daras was an important East Roman fortress city in northern Mesopotamia on the border with the Sassanid Empire. Because of its great strategic importance, it featured prominently in the Roman-Persian conflicts of the 6th century, with the famous Battle of Dara taking place before its walls in 530. The former (arch)bishopric remains a multiple Catholic titular see. Today the Turkish village of Oğuz, Mardin Province, occupies its location.

Dara (game)

Dara is a two-player abstract strategy board game played in several countries of West Africa. In Nigeria it is played by the Dakarkari people. It is popular in Niger among the Zarma, who call it dili. In the Hausa language (Niger and Nigeria), the game is called doki which means horse. It is a clever alignment game related to tic-tac-toe, but far more complex. The game was invented in the 19th century or earlier. The game is also known as derrah and is very similar to Wali and Dama Tuareg.

Dara (film)

Dara is an Indonesian slasher/ black comedy short film. Written and directed by Kimo Stamboel and Timo Tjahjanto, this film was well-reviewed by movie critics when shown at a number of film festivals. The film was released with other short horror films in a horror compilation, Takut: Faces of Fear in 2009. A longer version of this film, Rumah Dara (also known as Macabre in English), by the same directors, was released in 2009 (In Indonesia released widely on 2010. The film stars Shareefa Daanish in the title role of Dara. The actors, Mike Lucock, Dendy Subangil, and Ruli Lubis who starred this film, reprise their appearance in Rumah Dara with different character, such as, actor Ruli Lubis who in this film acts as victim, but in Rumah Dara he acts as villain.

Usage examples of "dara".

But the following day, under the waterfall they rode and into Arden Vale, where they were greeted at the Lone Eld Tree by Dara Alaria, Captain of the South Ardenward.

Dara Altura stood slowly, her grayish-green eyes fixed on his, as her fingers lingered on his hand before slowly sliding off as she rose.

He made the acting pilot look up the intrinsic brightness of its sun and measure its apparent brightness from just off Dara.

Under the reign of Phocas, the fortifications of Merdin, Dara, Amida, and Edessa, were successively besieged, reduced, and destroyed, by the Persian monarch: he passed the Euphrates, occupied the Syrian cities, Hierapolis, Chalcis, and Berrhaea or Aleppo, and soon encompassed the walls of Antioch with his irresistible arms.

An hour later, Dara lay by the riverbed as naked as a jaybird, enjoying the feel of the suns rays beating down upon her.

His tone was a little gruffer than he might have used with a commander put over him by the King of Shienar, or the Lord of Fal Dara, yet there was something in it of readiness to do whatever Perrin suggested.

Cristov looked ready to die of laughter at the question and Tarik looked sour, as always, but Dara relented after giving Kindan a long, searching look.

A sour note was Dara herself who, as Kindan had expected, had discovered that Tarik was not thrilled to see his privacy so eroded.