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Daly (lunar crater)

Daly is a small lunar impact crater that is located in the eastern part of the Moon, to the northwest of the crater Apollonius. This formation is relatively circular, with a slight inward bulge along the northern rim. The inner wall is wider in the southern half than in the north. The crater intrudes into the comparably sized crater Apollonius F to the east-southeast.

This crater was previously designated Apollonius P before being named by the IAU.


Daly or DALY may refer to:

  • Daly (lunar crater)
  • Daly (Martian crater) on List of craters on Mars: A-G
  • Daly City, California, United States
  • Rural Municipality of Daly, Manitoba, Canada
  • Daly College, India
  • Daly detector, a type of mass spectrometry detector
  • Daly languages, group of Australian aborigine languages
  • Daly River, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Disability-adjusted life year, a measure of burden of disease
  • Electoral division of Daly, Northern Territory, Australia
  • USS Daly (DD-519), a Fletcher-class destroyer
  • Daly, Russia, a village (selo) in Legyoysky Rural Okrug, of Ust-Aldansky District of the Sakha Republic, Russia
  • Daly Cherry-Evans (born 1989), Australian Rugby League player
Daly (surname)

Daly is an Irish surname, derived from the Gaelic Ó Dálaigh. Notable people with the surname include:

Usage examples of "daly".

Now it is true that once or twice in the remote past Chubby and I had given way to an excess of boyish high spirits when we had just hung a Moses fish - however, this did not give Inspector Daly any excuse for talking like that.

Daly, born in Yonkers, New York, and a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, had given up on an acting career, become a movie projectionist, and moved from that into ownership of a chain of movie theatres.

Two other hard-boiled detectives created by Daly, Vee Brown and Satan Hall, followed in the same formula.

Reeve A Jury of Her Peers                                 -        Susan Glaspell The False Burton Combs                     -        Carroll John Daly The Keyboard of Silence                           -        Clinton H.

Daly demonstrates why he deserves that title in The False Burton Combs, which is considered to be the genesis of the private eye.

Daly, Carroll John: The False Burton Combs by Carroll John Daly first appeared in The Black Mask, December 1922.

Bot hit ar ladyes inno3e that leuer wer nowthe Haf the, hende, in hor holde, as I the habbe here, To daly with derely your daynte worde3, Keuer hem comfort and colen her care3, Then much of the garysoun other golde that thay hauen.

He was immediately through to Branson, waiting patiently in the dilapidated garage north of Daly City.

John Conley, the young lawyer, and Jim Daly, the investment banker, were both wearing headsets while they walked on the rolling walker pads.

Ed Nichols sat with John Conley to his right, and Jim Daly to his left.

She was standing behind John Conley, with her hands resting on his shoulders while she talked to Daly and Ed Nichols.

I thanked Madeline for taking the time to talk with me and headed for the Daly City line.

Neither was any of the eleven men with them in that disused trucker's garage not far from the banks of Lake Merced, halfway between Daly City to the south and San Francisco to the north, although three were attired in the same uniform as Branson.

Out across the Pacific the sun is dropping fast toward the horizon, but thanks to the forty-foot high reinforced concrete wall that runs all the way down San Francisco's western border (continuing on south, as well, to protect Daly City, Pacifica, Half-Moon Bay, those little towns long since swallowed up by Bay City sprawl), no one will ever stand on Ocean Beach and watch it set again.

Flattening hovercars at our Daly City plant and dumping them into the Bay.