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Etymology 1 n. (plural of dak English) Etymology 2

alt. (context Australian New Zealand informal English) trousers or underwear. n. (context Australian New Zealand informal English) trousers or underwear.


DAKS is a British luxury fashion house, founded in 1894 by Simeon Simpson.

DAKS holds royal warrants granted from three members of the Royal Family, one of 15 firms (out of 820) to do so. Officially granted to DAKS’ Simpson Piccadilly store in 1956 was the royal warrant of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, followed by that of HM The Queen in 1962 and HRH The Prince of Wales in 1982.

Worldwide, DAKS is exported to 30 countries and sold in over 2,000 specialty shops, major stores and concessions.

Usage examples of "daks".

I took off the brown leather American fighter pilot's jacket that I had won in a poker game in Kampala in '54, clambered out of the boiler suit which I wore over an old pair of corduroys from the Army and Navy Stores and a copy of a Daks shirt made for me by a Malay tailor in Singapore's Orchard Road.

She strolled slowly back through the store and stopped at a circular rack containing Daks skirts.