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n. 1 Any of many dried husked pulses (legume), including peas, beans and lentils. 2 A dish made from lentils, cooked with spices, tomatoes and onions etc. 3 A tropical herb with yellow flowers; the pigeon pea.

  1. n. tropical woody herb with showy yellow flowers and flat pods; much cultivated in the tropics [syn: pigeon pea, pigeon-pea plant, cajan pea, catjang pea, red gram, dhal, Cajanus cajan]

  2. small highly nutritious seed of the tropical pigeon-pea plant [syn: cajan pea, pigeon pea]


Dahl may refer to:

  • Dahl (surname)
  • Dal or dahl, a dish or preparation of lentils or other pulses

In German places:

  • Hagen-Dahl, Hagen, Ruhrgebiet
  • Kürten-Dahl, Kürten, Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis
  • Marienheide-Dahl, Marienheide, Oberbergischer Kreis
  • Mönchengladbach-Dahl, Mönchengladbach
  • Dahl, a location in Olpe, Germany
  • Paderborn-Dahl, Paderborn
  • Dahl, Solingen
  • Waldbröl-Dahl, Waldbröl, Oberbergischer Kreis
  • Dahl, Wiehl, Oberbergischer Kreis
  • Dahl, Wipperfürth, Oberbergischer Kreis

In Luxembourg:

  • Dahl (Luxembourg), a village in the commune of Goesdorf

In fiction:

  • Dahl is a sector of the fictional planet Trantor
  • Dahl is a weapons manufacturer in the game Borderlands
Dahl (surname)

Dahl or Dahle is a surname of Germanic origin. Dahl, which means valley in the North Germanic languages (tal in German, dale in northern British English), is common in Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the Faroe Islands. The origin of the German forms Dahl and Dahle may have been in medieval Westphalia. In Germany about 11 places are called Dahl. There are several variations as it was common to add a suffix to Dahl in order to denote the name bearer's original locale or occupation. You also find several variations of -dahl used with prefixes ( Heyerdahl, Heimendahl...). The oldest record of the name appears in Austria. People with the surname include:

Usage examples of "dahl".

By the luck of the draw, he had gotten stuck with the job of defending the most hated man in Minneapolis, if not the entire state: a drifter named Karl Dahl, accused of the most heinous murders Carey had encountered in her career.

The dreams had become particularly strong recently, as the trial of Karl Dahl drew near.

But he was the guy, Stan had no doubt, and the murders were something Dahl had been working toward for a long time.

Kenny Scott, the public defender assigned to represent Karl Dahl, burst into the hall, looking like a man whose execution had been stayed.

He wanted her to feel the kind of terror Marlene Haas must have felt that day when Karl Dahl had come into her home and tortured her and her two children over the course of several hours before he had butchered her.

All day, she carried the weight of her work on her shoulders, the Dahl case being the heaviest thing she had ever been called on to handle.

Every cop in the city would be out beating the streets for Dahl, except for him.

Channel 11 had dumped their usual Saturday-morning lineup of fishing shows and light local interest in favor of covering the escape of Karl Dahl and the beating of Judge Moore.

Somehow no one had cuffed the unconscious Karl Dahl to the gurney that he rode to HCMC.

But everyone knew Dempsey had lost it in the interview room when they had first questioned Karl Dahl for the Haas murders.

Karl Dahl was a damn Boy Scout before he butchered Marlene Haas and those two children?

Karl Dahl one step closer to walking on a triple murder, and she should be ashamed of herself.

Karl Dahl if your daughter had been raped and sodomized and hung up from the ceiling like a slaughtered lamb.

Karl Dahl away or put him back on the street was in the hands of other people.

Would Karl Dahl have moved on, unwilling to put forth the effort or risk being seen breaking in?