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Dabo (ダボ Dabo) is a Japanese rapper. He first appeared on the Japanese hip-hop scene in the 1990s, collaborating in a Shakkazombie song, "Tomo ni ikkou". Since 2002, he has released three albums: Hitman (2002), Diamond (2003), and The Force (2006). Dabo's lyrics are more hard-edged than most J-pop, or Japanese pop, and represent a tough Japanese street culture.

Dabo (disambiguation)

Dabo may refer to:

  • Dabo (mountain) (647 m), a mountain in the Vosges, France
  • Dabo, Japanese hip-hop artist
  • Dabo (Star Trek), game of chance shown in Star Trek
  • Dabo, Mali, commune in Mali
  • Dabo, Moselle, commune of the Moselle département, in France
  • Dabo Swinney, American football coach
  • Dabotap, pagoda located in Bulguk Temple in Gyeongju, South Korea
  • Baciro Dabo (1958–2009), Guinea-Bissauan politician
  • Mouhamadou Dabo, French football (soccer) player
  • Ousmane Dabo, French football (soccer) player
  • Pastores dabo vobis, apostolic exhortation released on March 25, 1992 by Pope John Paul II
  • Dabo in the Ethiopian language Amharic means bread