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Etymology 2 abbr. (context Internet slang text messaging English) date. Etymology 3

abbr. To be deeply involved in an activity or to perform an activity to the fullest extent possible. Etymology 5

abbr. (context board games role-playing games English) A die#Noun with eight sides. alt. (context board games role-playing games French) #English


D8, D.VIII, D VIII, D08 or D-8 may refer to:

D8 (magazine)

d8 was a magazine that was published out of Philadelphia and New York in 1995-1996 and targeted fans of role-playing games. The name referred to an eight-sided polyhedral die common in such games.

Unlike other gaming magazines, d8’s focus was not on gaming systems and rules, but rather the art of role playing and the cultural, pop-cultural, and subcultural interests of the people who played games. d8 styled itself “the magazine of role-playing culture”. This editorial mission was conceived of by Founder and Creative Director David DeCheser.

D8 (TV channel)

D8 is a private national French TV channel, owned by Canal+ Group. D8 will be renamed to C8.