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The Collaborative International Dictionary

cytostasis \cy`to*sta"sis\ (s[imac]`t[-o]*st[=a]"s[i^]s), n. (Biology) The inhibition or cessation of cell growth or division.


n. The prevention of the growth and multiplication of cells


Cytostasis (cyto – cell; stasis – stoppage) is the inhibition of cell growth and multiplication. Cytostatic refers to a cellular component or medicine that inhibits cell growth.

Cytostasis is an important prerequisite for structured multicellular organisms. Without regulation of cell growth and division only unorganized heaps of cells would be possible.

Chemotherapy of cancer, treatment of skin diseases and treatment of infections are common use cases of cytostatic drugs. Active hygienic products generally contain cytostatic substances.

Cytostatic mechanisms and drugs generally occur together with cytotoxic ones.