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n. (cx informal English) cyclorama


CYC or Cyc may refer to:

  • Cycle gene (cyc) a circadian control gene found in Drosophila melanogaster responsible for the formation of the formation of CYC protein.
  • Cyc, an American artificial-intelligence project
  • Champions Youth Cup (CYC), an annual international youth football (soccer) tournament
  • China Youth Corps (CYC), a Taiwanese youth organization
  • Cyclorama (theater) (Cyc), a curved fabric or plastic sheet backdrop for a stage
  • Cycnoches (Cyc), a genus of orchid
  • Cytochrome c, a protein of the mitochondrial electron transport chain.
  • Cyclophosphamide, an anti-neoplastic and immunosuppressant drug.

Usage examples of "cyc".

He operated the gross hand controls on the Cyc, but more importantly, imaged the transition through the receptors in his helmet.

Rand was on the Cyc and turned around to tell Marlene to get on, and then realized she was naked and unspeakably beautiful, as he had seen her by the lake.

He gave the accelerator a twist, and the Cyc shot off along the wooden overhead walkway.

Scott mounted the wedge on a derelict subway car using his Cyc armor's strength.

The three Invid were gaining on him, and ready or not he was going to have to put the cyc through its paces.

I still have an image of him parked in the middle of that town's dust bowl of a main street, straddling the Cyc with a big grin on his face and broadcasting our arrival to one and all over the mecha's externals.