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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Golden-eye \Gold"en-eye`\ (g[=o]ld"'n*[imac]), n. (Zo["o]l.) A duck ( Glaucionetta clangula), found in Northern Europe, Asia, and America. The American variety (var. Americana) is larger. Called whistler, garrot, gowdy, pied widgeon, whiteside, curre, and doucker. Barrow's golden-eye of America ( Glaucionetta Islandica) is less common.

Usage examples of "curre".

At last when they were passed out of sight,Yet she did not her spightfull speach forbeare,But after them did barke, and still backbite,Though there were none her hatefull words to heare:Like as a curre doth felly bite and teareThe stone, which passed straunger at him threw.

Such were these Hags, and so vnhandsome drest:Who when they nigh approching, had espydeSir Artegall return'd from his late quest,They both arose, and at him loudly cryde,As it had bene two shepheards curres, had scrydeA rauenous Wolfe amongst the scattered flockes.