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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A very small piece of lead, like a tiny cupola with a lightly-milled edge.
▪ It features a two-story newsroom, a lobby decorated like a 1930s ocean liner and a Mount Vernon-style cupola on the roof.
▪ Look too for the cupola and arched ceilings that marry the high decoration of Catholic churches with an excellent sense of style.
▪ Octagonal cupolas covered by flat pitched roofs were still normal crossing space covering.
▪ The churches are painted an earthy red, with red domes and cupolas, and thick red velvet curtains decorate the insides.
▪ The main building had a high pointed roof with a cupola on top.
▪ Their central courts, colonnades, arcades and cupolas followed the Byzantine model.
▪ There was a glass cupola in the entrance hall reached from an attic suite with exposed beams.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cupola \Cu"po*la\ (k?"p?-l?), n.; pl. Cupolas (-l?z). [It. cupola, LL. cupula, cuppula (cf. L. cupula little tub). fr. cupa, cuppa, cup; cf. L. cupa tub. So called on account of its resemblance to a cup turned over. See Cup, and cf. Cupule.]

  1. (Arch.) A roof having a rounded form, hemispherical or nearly so; also, a ceiling having the same form. When on a large scale it is usually called dome.

  2. A small structure standing on the top of a dome; a lantern.

  3. A furnace for melting iron or other metals in large quantity, -- used chiefly in foundries and steel works.

  4. A revolving shot-proof turret for heavy ordnance.

  5. (Anat.) The top of the spire of the cochlea of the ear.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1540s, from Italian cupola, from Late Latin cupula "a little tub," diminutive of Latin cupa "cask, barrel" (see cup (n.)).


n. 1 (context architecture English) A dome-shaped ornamental structure located on top of a larger roof or dome. 2 (context military English) A small turret, usually on a hatch of an armoured fighting vehicle.

  1. n. a vertical cylindrical furnace for melting iron for casting

  2. a roof in the form of a dome


In architecture, a cupola is a small, most often dome-like, structure on top of a building. Often used to provide a lookout or to admit light and air, it usually crowns a larger roof or dome.

The word derives, via Italian, from the lower Latin cupula (classical Latin cupella from the Greek κύπελλον kupellon) "small cup" (Latin cupa) indicating a vault resembling an upside down cup.

The cupola is a development during the Renaissance of the oculus, an ancient device found in Roman architecture, but being weatherproof was superior for the wetter climates of northern Europe. The chhatri, seen in Indian architecture, fits the definition of a cupola when it is used atop a larger structure.

Cupolas often appear as small buildings in their own right. They often serve as a belfry, belvedere, or roof lantern above a main roof. In other cases they may crown a spire, tower, or turret. Barns often have cupolas for ventilation.

The square, dome-like segment of a North American railroad train caboose, which contains the second-level or angel seats, is also called a cupola.

Some armored fighting vehicles have cupolas, called commander's cupola, which is a raised dome or cylinder with armored glass to provide 360-degree vision around the vehicle.

Cupola (geometry)

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In geometry, a cupola is a solid formed by joining two polygons, one (the base) with twice as many edges as the other, by an alternating band of isosceles triangles and rectangles. If the triangles are equilateral and the rectangles are squares, while the base and its opposite face are regular polygons, the triangular, square, and pentagonal cupolae all count among the Johnson solids, and can be formed by taking sections of the cuboctahedron, rhombicuboctahedron, and rhombicosidodecahedron, respectively.

A cupola can be seen as a prism where one of the polygons has been collapsed in half by merging alternate vertices.

A cupola can be given an extended Schläfli symbol {n} || t{n}, representing a regular polygon {n} joined by a parallel of its truncation, t{n} or {2n}.

Cupolae are a subclass of the prismatoids.

Cupola (ISS module)

The Cupola is an ESA-built observatory module of the International Space Station (ISS). Its seven windows are used to conduct experiments, dockings and observations of Earth. It was launched aboard Space Shuttle mission STS-130 on 8 February 2010 and attached to the Tranquility (Node 3) module. With the Cupola attached, ISS assembly reached 85 percent completion. The Cupola's window is the largest ever used in space.

Cupola (disambiguation)

Cupola, a diminutive of the Latin cupa ( barrel) and thus meaning 'little barrel', is used for dome-shaped items. Of similar meaning the word cupula is used for anatomical references.

  • An architectural dome element
  • Cupola, a (usually dome-shaped) structure located on top of a larger roof or dome (for a roof lantern, belfry, etc.)
  • Cupola (geometry), a geometric solid
  • Cupola (geology), an upward-projecting smaller mass of plutonic rock extending from a larger batholith.
  • Cupola (ISS module), an observation dome on the International Space Station
  • Cupola furnace, a variety of small blast furnace used for melting pig iron or scrap for foundry purposes
  • Reverberatory furnace for smelting some non-ferrous metals
  • Cupola, a song by Zeromancer
  • Cupola (military), a small protrusion positioned on top of a gun turret either mounted in a fortress or on the upper hull of a vehicle, utilized as either a secondary weapon mount or a means of external observation.
  • The observation area on top of a railway caboose
  • Name for the Sicilian Mafia Commission

Usage examples of "cupola".

Facing the Duomo is the baptistery, which at first served as a church, a sort of octagonal temple surmounted by a cupola, built, doubtless, after the model of the Pantheon of Rome, and which, according to the testimony of a contemporary bishop, already in the eighth century projected upward the pompous rotundities of its imperial forms.

Reman, Emme, Loes, Caul, and some of the others who help Hannah with the cupola and who are especially good at building things.

And when the good fathers had reached the appointed place, the house of Bernard Kiernan and Co, limited, 8, 9 and 10 little Britain street, wholesale grocers, wine and brandy shippers, licensed fo the sale of beer, wine and spirits for consumption on the premises, the celebrant blessed the house and censed the mullioned windows and the groynes and the vaults and the arrises and the capitals and the pediments and the cornices and the engrailed arches and the spires and the cupolas and sprinkled the lintels thereof with blessed water and prayed that God might bless that house as he had blessed the house of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and make the angels of His light to inhabit therein.

On the far side of the court they found a rambling old house made of fieldstone, with delicate leaded windows and tiny little cupolas.

There were cupolas here and there on the skeleton where the Lobsters hooked into fluidic computers or sheltered themselves from solar storms and ring-system electrofluxes.

As he gunned his vehicle out into the street, the most intense light source was the rope of cyan bolts ripping skyward from the cupola of the leading tank.

Returning to the part where we had seen windows, we opened the shutters of one of them, and the light of the stars only shewed us: the cupolas and the depths beneath them.

He found about a cupola a terrace which he had not earlier noticed, and on this terrace a hod of plaster, a trowel, and a ladder some seventy feet long.

The cupola of the church had fallen in, the ancient decorated iconostasis was smoldering, the vestments, psalters, icons already lay in ashes.

This was the last great structural member before the closing stone ring, or oculus, that would complete the cupola and serve as a base for the lantern.

The mute songstress of these deeds was a statue of Heroic Poetry who stood upon the cupola.

There was even a third floor, consisting of two unused rooms, topped by a decorative cupola.

They passed through a prosperous bourgeois neighbour hood, where the newly rich merchants bedizened their dwellings with ifilled and gilded cupolas, silvered wrought iron lace work and hideous painted statuary.

But often during the long hot evenings, if Marcos were away for the night, Sabrina would visit the Gulab Mahal, and as the moon rose into the dusty twilight the women would sit out on the flat roofs of the zenana quarter looking out across the minarets and white roof-tops, the green trees and gilded cupolas of the evil, beautiful, fantastic city of Lucknow, while Aziza Begum cracked jokes and shook with silent laughter, stuffed her mouth with strange sweetmeats from a silver platter, or told long, long stories of her youth and of kings and princes and nobles of Oudh these many years in their graves.

Soon I would see the golden cupolas and brass weathercocks of Nonsuch House rising into the smoke-filled London sky.