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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cryptographic \Cryp`to*graph"ic\ (kr?p`t?-gr?f"?k), Cryptographical \Cryp`to*graph"ic*al\ (kr?p`t?-gr?f"?-kal), a. Relating to cryptography; written in secret characters or in cipher, or with sympathetic ink.


a. relating to cryptography


adj. of or relating to cryptanalysis [syn: cryptanalytic, cryptographical, cryptologic, cryptological]

Usage examples of "cryptographic".

Its author had the instinct for the cryptographic jugular, and he compressed into 64 pages virtually the entire known field of cryptology, including polyalphabetics with mixed alphabets, enciphered code, and cipher devices.

Aside from a few such generalized observations, it is almost impossible to say which group, much less which individual, deserves the major share of credit for solving the edition of the fleet cryptographic system then in force.

In fact a cryptographic hash algorithm is considered broken if anyone ever discovers any pair of distinct input values that produce the same hash value.

Also, by bribing someone to plant bugs in the keyboards or other vulnerable parts of a computer network, NSA can intercept messages before cryptographic software has a chance to scramble them.

Clatterman promptly announced that he really didn't know diddly-shit about the cryptographic machine when he came aboard, and that despite Chief Schultz's on-the-job training on the voyage, he was still baffled by most of what he was supposed to do.

So after using the very latest in cryptographic technology and trans-oceanic packet-switching communications to conceal his identity, Randy now finds himself faced with the necessity of typing his name into the fucking machine.

Nor was he stumped by a system usually regarded by amateurs as the ne plus ultra of cryptographic security: a book cipher.

The Nsibidi secret society of Nigeria keeps its pictographic script from Europeans as much as possible because it is used chiefly to express love in rather direct imagery, and samples appear to be at least as pornographic as they are cryptographic.

The first hint that a cryptographic number system was applied to the Great Gods came with the discovery that the names of the gods Sin, Shamash, and Ishtar were sometimes substituted in the texts by the numbers 30, 20, and 15, respectively.

Safford retained control of the development work until the end of the war, devising such new devices as call-sign cipher machines, adapters for British and other cryptographic devices, and off-line equipment for automatic operation.

Wdowiak slipped through the hatch, raced forward to the radio room, smashed open a couple of lockers, and grabbed the cryptographic equipment—the current codebook with superenci-pherments, the Enigma machine and its list of keys, and hundreds of messages with parallel plaintexts and cipher-texts.

The cryptographic systems that made the media network run securely, and that made it capable of securely transferring money, were based on the use of immense prime numbers as magic keys.

But along the way I’ve been fed through a cryptographic remixer circuit, combined and recombined with other data streams with serial numbers filed off, so that even if a couple of the nodes have fallen into enemy hands, they won’t be able to work out where I’m coming from, where I’m going, or who I am.

Branches and subsections sprouted that the science had never known: the Signal Security Service had a special section just to distribute its solutions, another one just to improve and develop cryptographic mechanisms.

It ascertains whether new developments in technology, such as the transistor and the tunnel diode, have cryptographic applications.