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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Scott seems a little cranky this morning.
▪ But on another plane, there was a certain determined grumbling, a cranky insistence that they were not meeting their standards.
▪ On arrival the boy was cranky and refused to walk through the airport.
▪ They became cranky and quarrelsome, and stopped most of their activities in order to conserve energy.
▪ We had a fairly peaceful time, but Clarisa and Janir argued a lot, and she was a cranky visitor.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cranky \Crank"y\ (-?), a.

  1. Full of spirit; crank.

  2. Addicted to crotchets and whims; unreasonable in opinions; crotchety. [Colloq.]

  3. Unsteady; easy to upset; crank.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"cross-tempered, irritable," 1807, from crank (n.) + -y (2). The evolution would be from earlier senses of crank, such as "a twist or fanciful turn of speech" (1590s); "inaccessible hole or crevice" (1560s). Grose's 1787 "Provincial Glossary" has "Cranky. Ailing sickly from the dutch crank, sick," and identifies it as a Northern word. Jamieson's Scottish dictionary (1825) has crank in a secondary sense of "hard, difficult," as in crank word, "a word hard to be understood;" crank job, "a work attended with difficulty, or requiring ingenuity in the execution." Related: Crankily; crankiness.\n\nBen. Dang it, don't you spare him
--A cross grain'd cranky toad as ever crawl'd. (etc.)

[Richard Cumberland, "Lovers Resolutions," Act I, 1813]


a. 1 (context obsolete English) weak, unwell. 2 (context of a machine, etc. English) Not in good working condition; shaky. 3 grouchy, irritable; easily upset. 4 Not in perfect mental working order; eccentric, peculiar. 5 (context archaic English) Full of spirit; spirited.

  1. adj. (used of boats) inclined to heel over easily under sail [syn: crank, tender, tippy]

  2. easily irritated or annoyed; "an incorrigibly fractious young man"; "not the least nettlesome of his countrymen" [syn: fractious, irritable, nettlesome, peevish, peckish, pettish, petulant, testy, tetchy, techy]

  3. [also: crankiest, crankier]


Cranky may refer to:

  • Cranky Kong, a character from the Donkey Kong video game series
  • Cranky the Crane, a character from the children's television series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
  • Mr. Cranky, a satirical film critic personae since 1995
  • Irritability
  • Cranky, a form of moving panorama performance operated by a crank
  • Cranky, a character from Where's My Water

Usage examples of "cranky".

Not that she was an antismoking fanatic, but she was cranky about the way her vital signs were behaving, and looking for something to be irritated about.

Also, I get to order people around that even you would curtsey to, and kick their arses if they get cranky.

Enlightenment under the Bo tree or the moral equivalent of a thousand mikes of acid, was enough of a spirit message to cause Amanda to brave the 101 in her cranky Pinto, and, ultimately, to park way west on La Colima and trudge on foot through the smoggy heat along the Sunset Strip all the way to Larrabee.

It might with great effort be done, but one would end with a very footsore and cranky bird, and a tedious wait for dinner.

He was working at it with the horsehide strop now, holding the sword between his knees as he worked and taking a certain cranky pride in the quality of his work.

His marriage had burned out, had gradually transmogrified from its previously Keatsian fire into a remote and cranky elegance.

CIRCLE the mothers, each has her own trademark sweet, hungry, wide-eyed, happy, cranky, willful, easy, sleepy, or hard to soothe.

I was feeling cranky and bored, doing pushdowns and curls and wrist rolls.

Marlowe wondered how the cranky air-circulation system coped with the enormous quantities of ganja smoke that were generated in the rastafarian barbershop.

Whatever happened to ancient, cranky, unmarried sages who preferred pursuing knowledge over wordly goods?

Never mind that he would have scared the bloomers off Julia Tuttle and sent cranky Henry Flagler cursing all the way back to St.

Madonna Giulia, grew older and ever crankier at the house in Florence where she had stayed when her son moved to Bellosguardo.

Lucky Duck Daycare Jessie had to dash inside herself, scoop up one cranky Bas and flee, while simultaneously bestowing air kisses and gratitude upon the frazzled staff.

They did not even bother to heave the Biter to, just handed spokes to bring her to the shake, so cranky was she under bodged-up head sails a jury staysail instead of fore course and her brig sail Shockhead was popular but men died, that was the general attitude: he should have kept his eyes aloft, and not sailed with such a drunken crew.

The black man said sure, go ahead, but dinner would be served at seven, and to be back by then if Monk wanted any dinner, because the cook was the crankiest one yet born.