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The cotte (or cote) was a medieval outer garment, a long sleeved shift, or tunic, usually girded, and worn by men and women. In medieval texts, it was used to translate tunica or chiton. Synonyms included tunic or gown. It was worn over a shirt ( chemise), and a sleeveless surcote could be worn over it. By the sixteenth century it had become a woman's undergarment, later (seventeenth century) it split into an upper 'corps' and a lower 'cotte', or skirt, amongst the poorer classes.

In modern French, it survives in the expression cotte de mailles.

Usage examples of "cotte".

The young knight-squire drew a bottle from under his cotte, and tossed it to Erik.

He tucked his cold, wet feet under him, huddled under his cotte, and wished he was on the moon.

He beat the worst of the dried mud out of them, and pulled them on, wrapped a blanket around himself, pulled his cotte on over it all, and crawled back out into the day.

So he put on every shred of shirt and cotte he had, and two pairs of pants, and made for the roofs again.

Rafael shrugged his shoulders, barely rippling the gray-black material of his cotte, and put his parchments behind the bookcase beside him.

He lifted the heavy garment over her head, cast it across the lyre stool, and tugged at the tapes holding the sheer cotte closed at her side.

He parted her under cotte, untied its tapes at her waist and laid it open.

He caught her shoulder and drew her upright to a sitting position to strip the under cotte from her arms.

He stood beside the bed unfastening his sword belt, then his cotte hardie.

Phillipa gathered up the hem of her cotte, knotted it about her ample white hips and went racing to the water to splash and startle Geoffrey, John, Edmund and Lionel.

Wet, her cotton under cotte had the sun blocking power of illusion netting.

Standing, she put on the cotte hardie and critically studied her reflection in the mirror as she adjusted a plumed hat at a rakish angle.

Chandos picked up his cotte hardie and shrugged it onto his shoulders.

She pushed up her sleeves, rinsing hands and forearms, flapped the open lapels of her cotte hardie and welcomed the dribble of cool water inside the heavy garment.

Bella lifted her open collar of her cotte hardie and fanned her throat.