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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cozy \Co"zy\ (k?"z?), a. [Compar. Cozier (-z?-?r); superl. Coziest.] [Cf. Scot. cosie, cozie, prob. from Gael. cosach abounding in hollows, or cosagach full of holes or crevices, snug, sheltered, from cos a hollow, a crevice.]

  1. Snug; comfortable; easy; contented. [Written also cosey and cosy.]

  2. [Cf. F. causer to chat, talk.] Chatty; talkative; sociable; familiar. [Eng.]


a. (obsolete spelling of cozy English)


n. a padded cloth covering to keep a teapot warm [syn: cosy, tea cosy, tea cosey, cozy, tea cozy, cozey, tea cozey, cozie, tea cozie]

Usage examples of "cosey".

Demetrius, to whom he immediately notified the change in the situation by sinking down into a soft and cosey arm-chair instead of sitting down on the edge of the hard leather-chair, expressly provided for him.

Kinzer homestead, with its snug parlor and its cosey bits of rooms and chambers, seemed to nestle away, under the shadowy elms and sycamores, smaller and smaller with every year that came.

Several minutes still elapsed, and the cosey quietude of her drawing-room pleased her.

Down went the motherless babies as four ruthless hands pulled apart their cosey nest, and there, among the nibbled fragments, appeared enough finely printed, greenish paper, to piece out parts of two bank bills.

They had always been her comforters, those wide, shallow, cosey stairs.

CHAPTER IX In Which It Appears That a Senator Is But a Man The light of the cheerful fire shone on the rug and carpet of a cosey parlor, and glittered on the sides of the tea-cups and well-brightened tea-pot, as Senator Bird was drawing off his boots, preparatory to inserting his feet in a pair of new handsome slippers, which his wife had been working for him while away on his senatorial tour.

Coles would soon have made that up to you: and such a cosey little nest.

And gradually there came on her a cosey sensation, as if she were leaning up against someone with her head tucked in against his shoulder, as she had so often leaned as a child against her father, coming back from some long darkening drive in Wales or Scotland.

And to this craving after prose, who would not be lenient, that has at all known life, with its usual predominance of our lower and less courageous selves, our constant hankering after the cosey closed door and line of least resistance?

As he glanced around the room, however, and saw how cosey and inviting it might be made by a little order and homelike arrangement, he determined to fix it up according to his own ideas, if he could accomplish it without actually coming to blows with the occupant.

Pokey were at once enrolled in the Cosey Corner Light Infantry a truly superb company, composed entirely of officers, all wearing cocked hats, carrying flags, waving swords, or beating drums.

They use the curtains as dividers to make the room a bit cosier for functions like this.

These quarters are a damn sight cosier than that rathole you used to hide out in down by the docks.

Those falsities were even the object of a very serious complaint on the part of Cosier St.

This ridiculous story was doubtless intended to throw additional odium on the First Consul, if Cosier St.