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Etymology 1 n. A variety of lettuce with long, crisp leaves. Etymology 2

conj. (context UK South Africa English) because

  1. n. ratio of the adjacent side to the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle [syn: cosine]

  2. lettuce with long dark-green leaves in a loosely packed elongated head [syn: cos lettuce, romaine, romaine lettuce]


Cos, COS, CoS, "coS" or Cos. may refer to:

Cos (TV series)

Cos is an American sketch comedy/ variety TV series that debuted on the ABC Network in September 1976. It was hosted by comedian Bill Cosby and featured an ensemble cast who would perform sketches each week. The show was unsuccessful in the Nielsen ratings and was cancelled by November 1976 and replaced with The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries.

Cosby appeared on this series concurrently with his starring role in Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids and the film Mother, Jugs & Speed.

COS (operating system)

COS is a Linux kernel-based mobile operating system developed in China mainly targeting mobile devices, tablets and set top boxes. COS stand for China Operating system and is being developed by the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS) together with Shanghai Liantong Network Communications Technology to compete with foreign operating systems like iOS and Android. The operating system is based on Linux but the platform is closed source. Security and the risk of back doors in devices from foreign vendors are some of the main motivations for COS. Android had almost 90% of the smart phone market when COS was introduced and Apple most of the remaining market share. COS looks very similar to Android and has its own Application Portal much like Android Market and iOS App Store.

Usage examples of "cos".

Watson n that wis barry cos wi baith played guitar n hud the same name eh.

Lewys, and Mystres Awbrey was deputy for my cosen Mistres Blanche Pary.

Mystres Mary Skydmor of the Privie Chamber, and cosen to the Quene, by theyr deputies christened Katharin Dee.

Thomas Griffith my cosen from Llanbeder cam to see me, and lay all night with me, and allso Mr.

Port Cos, led by the Tais, backed from the subsiding, shattered hulks they had smitten.

Voskjard in its right flank, as it had turned to confront and punish the Tais and her sisters of Port Cos.