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The Corsi were an ancient people of Corsica and Sardinia, noted by Ptolemy (III, 3). They dwelt at the extreme north-east of the latter island, in the region today known as Gallura, near the Tibulati and immediately north of the Coracenses. The Corsi gave their name to the island of Corsica. According to the archeologist Giovanni Ugas, Corsi probably belong to the Ligurian people.

Corsi (surname)

Corsi is the surname of:

  • Jacopo Corsi (1561–1602), Italian composer
  • Jamie Corsi (born 1987), Welsh rugby union player
  • Jerome Corsi (born 1946), American author, political commentator and conspiracy theorist
  • Jim Corsi (ice hockey) (born 1954), Canadian ice-hockey player
  • Jim Corsi (born 1961), American baseball player
  • Joe Corsi (born 1894), rugby league footballer of the 1920s for Wales, and Oldham
  • Renato Corsi (born 1963), American-Argentine football (soccer) player
  • Simone Corsi (born 1987), motorcycle road racer
    • See also:
    • Antonio Pini-Corsi (1859–1918), Italian baritone singer